Hong Kong Based Educational Technology Startups You Must Know About

EdTech Startups Which are Starting to Impact Hong Kong's Education Market

Technology is transforming the way of traditional teaching and learning in all parts of the world, and also in Hong Kong. Their latest “Mobile- Learning Scheme” aims to provide students with iPads/iPods for better learning experience.

“Around 400 students from the departments of Asian and International Studies, Biology and Chemistry, Electronic Engineering and Information Systems have enrolled in the scheme. They have been given hundreds of iPad or the iPod Touch for learning. More departments are expected to join the scheme in the new academic year.”

Hong Kong Education Bureau has been promoted electronic teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools recently. There is a three- year project – ‘School E- Learning Polite Project’ that has received government funding of HK$ 60 million. True Light Middle School of Hong Kong and its three-affiliate schools received about HK$ 2 million from the project fund to buy 96 iPads for English teaching. In the meantime, the City University of Hong Kong financed itself to buy 400 iPads and iPods.

The country is increasingly investing in the field of electronic education. Educational Technology startups in Hong Kong are playing a significant role alongside for the effective and efficient education services throughout the country.

Take a look at the various Hong Kong based EdTech startups:  

1) VisioEnglish

The platform provides quality English lessons for training institutions and language schools around the globe. It offers a wide range of English classes that are available to individuals and small groups. Lessons are delivered through an interactive online platform, VEM, in one to one basis over telephone or their online Visio conferencing system. The learners can fix their classes according to their convenience and the trainers at VisioEnglish will provide personalized lessons to suit their needs.

2) Miki EdTech

it is a global education technology startup company that is developing and selling a complete suit of the best EdTech product along with a custom solution. Their mission is to find easy, comfortable and affordable ways to learn and share knowledge.

MIKI- it is the world’s first mobile collaborative eLearning platform, which works as a combined Google, twitter, Wikipedia, Whatsapp, and other social platforms that students use worldwide, but with the purpose of online education.    

3) Appedu

Founded in 2013, Appedu aims to give every student the tool to learn in the most customized manner, efficient and hassle-free, and yet in a minimal cost. Their core product, Snapask is a mobile app that allows students to ask questions about anything in one click. And get them connected to the most eligible teacher to provide a real-time one-to-one online class.

4) Digifab

Digifab is Hong Kong’s professional 3D design and 3D fabrication education service aimed at Designers, Creative and Makers. They also deliver 3d modeling courses for beginners to help them get maximum satisfaction from 3d printers. Students learn the entire workflow, from downloading files, modeling components in 3d through design iterations to the workflow, to become a pro at 3D printing.

5) RegCourse

It offers an online platform for university students to gain an insight of the professors' teaching performance and to share their learning reflections on a variety university courses. With the help of technology, they revolutionize the university study experience. They shape a better campus and study experience for students as well as the university. RegCourse is currently available at eight universities in Hong Kong with more than 5k learning reflections and over 10k professor profiles.

6) 3DAS

3DAS is an online education company that uses 3D gaming technology to run live classes. It is a school that is trying challenge the traditional classroom-teaching model. Being a high-tech education company, they are willing to try any new tools that can help them to enhance the online offering for better experience of students. 3D Avatar School aims to redefine online learning by providing 21st century students the opportunity to learn and practice language in a collaborative, goal-oriented and fun environment.

7) Making Smart Choices

It is a mobile app that teaches adolescents about sex education. The app is language interactive game developed by the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to make their young generation aware about the safe sex knowledge.  

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