Looking For Ways To Make College Life Easier? Check out these Google Chrome Extensions

People are crazy about Google and how life is sorted out with its use.

Chrome obviously is major part of the web world; and extensions have added a lot more meaning to it. Below is a list of 20 extensions that college students must add to their Chrome.

Check it out!

1) Grammarly

A great extension to add on. This is a free spelling and grammar checker to help you write without mistakes on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and anywhere else on the Web. Any error is underlined in red and can be corrected from the options given by this auto checker.

2) Pocket

A must extension for those who love reading articles. If you come across some great articles you want to read but cannot at that moment. Just save them to the pocket. When you find something over chrome that you want to view later, put it in pocket. It automatically syncs to your devices so you can view it at any time on any of your device. Even without internet connection. Productivity wins!   

3) Session Buddy

Browsing the web can lead to numerous open tabs and windows. Say for example you are working on a project for school. You have several Google Chrome windows open, one for each area of the topic you are researching with several tabs open from different sources and suddenly something happens and the browser just shuts down. Did you know what was in all of those tabs and windows?

This extension can help you there. It is a Google Chrome extension that keeps tabs (no pun intended) on what browser windows and tabs you have open. If something disastrous happens, you can easily go back and reopen previous browsing sessions

4) Send to Google Drive

This extension allows you to upload a PDF version of the current page to your Google Drive using the pdfcrowd service. A must for all students making notes, projects and other things from web.

5) Evernote Web Clipper

If you’re an Evernote person, this Chrome extension is a no brainer. Clip any bit of the Web you like, from a Facebook photo to a flight confirmation. Annotate your clip and file it away for later in Evernote by clicking the toolbar logo or right-clicking your mouse in Chrome itself. Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account with great ease.

6) Save as PDF

This extension lets you easily save web pages to PDF. The extension works right out of the box using the default settings. If you want to customize the PDF you can sign up for a paid account at Pdfcrowd. The available options include page size, page orientation, margins, password protection, initial view, etc.

7) AdBlok

AdBlock is the best Chrome extension ever. It blocks any and all ads, whether they are banner ads, pop-up ads, or even adds in YouTube videos.

And the point is that a thing so good doesn’t come free. If you’re like me, who hardly ever click on banner, using AdBlock will not only get rid of all those ads cluttering up the page, but it will also significantly speed up your web browsing. Since the ads aren’t given the chance to load, the sites you visit will finish loading quicker.

If you only get one Chrome extension, make it AdBlock.

8) LastPass

LastPass has absolutely revolutionized the way online accounts are managed. You have accounts on so many sites and remembering passwords for all can be hard. Chances are that you keep the same password for all. Now, that’s certainly better than having only one password for everything – but it’s still insecure. Smart but insecure! But with this extension you can have different passwords for all your accounts and still you don’t have to worry about remembering or keeping your digits secured. That’s because LastPass makes it so easy to log in to all the sites. If you have a site saved in your vault, the extension will automatically populate the username and password fields whenever you want to log in. If, for some reason, the fields aren’t automatically populated you can easily use the handy toolbar button to copy the password to my clipboard. With this one you can easily get your life sorted and secured! ;)

9) LightShot

There are plenty of times during the day that you would want to take a screenshot and quickly share it with a friend or save it. Lightshot enables that easily. The extension ads a button to the toolbar, which defines an area in the browser and take a screenshot.

Once the screenshot is taken, choose to save it, copy it to the clipboard, or upload it and copy the link to share. You can also edit it online if you want to add annotations.

10) Google Dictionary

This free dictionary extension from Google lets you view definitions from within web pages you visit. Just double-click a word to see the meaning in a pop-up bubble or get in-age translation of a foreign word.

For either single words or phrases, you can highlight text on a page and see a full definition in the toolbar dictionary. The extension also adds pronunciation for some words, a reference link to the Google Dictionary page, and supports several languages.

11) Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click

Often times, in the late hours of the night when we’ve been staring at the computer screen for hours on end, we become at a loss for the right words. Fortunately, there is a Chrome extension to break your writers block. Thesaurus provides a free English thesaurus with both synonyms and antonyms, which is accessible straight from your browser so you don’t have to flip between websites.  A great pick for the writer in you.

12) Google Similar Pages

Working on some project or assignment and stuck in between because you are unable to find enough resources? This extension can help you there. This tool shows any other relevant pages in the list form that you will not find in regular searches. 

13) Ginger Spell Checker and Grammar

Take spelling and grammar checking to the next level when using Drive and Gmail. Ginger was originally designed as software to support students with dyslexia, but it has proven helpful for all. A contextual spelling and grammar checker, Ginger provides support that is actually helpful!

14) Memorize!

Memorize! is an extension that makes you study even when you’re wasting time over the web. All you have to do is enter a list of questions and answers for whatever you need to study. Then, the extension will pop up at specified time intervals to ask you a question. Questions will be asked until you’re able to answer all of them, or you manually stop the extension. This is such an awesome concept.

15) Print Friendly PDF

Using this extension within Chrome not only creates printer-friendly versions of online resources, but also generates images and PDF files to share with others. Especially when working in mobile classrooms where students need to annotate digital texts, Print Friendly saves time and streamlines the process of providing digital content to students.

16) Mint

This is something awesome I came across. It’s not something students always learn about in school, but money management is an important aspect of student success, particularly as students prepare for college. Mint helps students create a customized budget and sends reminders of upcoming bills. Accessible on web and mobile devices, Mint helps reduce the stress of worrying about how long funds will last. A great extension to make you pocket smart.

17) StudyStack

Need to memorize a long list of foreign words or technical terms? StudyStack has flashcards, crosswords and other ways to help students with memorization. With categories that include Latin, chemistry, pharmacology, standardized tests, accounting, Quiz Bowl and AP comparative government, students will find the support they need. And, if a particular term or topic isn’t covered, students can create their own flashcards.

18) My Study Life

My Study Life is a planner for students designed to make life easier. This cloud-based extension allows users to access information wherever you are. My Study Life isn’t just your average school planner or task list. Class schedules, tasks, and exam dates are integrated in one platform and you can add related notes under each area.

19) Diigo

This extension accompanies the Diigo social bookmarking service. Clicking this button instantly allows you to bookmark, highlight, and annotate web pages. All notes automatically then save to your Diigo account to be accessed from any browser or device. Another handy feature is the ability to quickly annotate a screen capture and then save it to your Drive account.

20) Announcify

There are several text-to-speech options available today, but Announcify distinguishes itself with a few features. With the click of the “happy little eyes” button, it converts web articles into speech, opens them in a new tab, and reads without having to select any text. The key feature is that it blurs out the text that is not being read making it easy to track while listening. Options for the extension include adjusting speech volume, pitch and rate.

Are there any other extensions that you use to make things easier? Share with us in the comment box. 

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