List Of Education CIOs To Follow On Twitter

chief information officer in education is the senior executive who is responsible for information and communications technology in the school, school district, college, university or other higher education institution.

Understanding the need of change that is being demanded by students as well as teachers in the education sector, IT leaders need to anticipate more and cater to these changes.

Here’s a list of Chief Information Officers in Education on Twitter for you to follow and learn about driving critical changes.     

1. Jesse Lubinsky

Director of technology, CIO, Google Certified Trainer and Innovator, Adjunct EdTech Professor, Speaker and Presenter.

2. Melissa Dodd 

Chief of staff and CIO at Boston Schools. Educational Innovator.

3. Paul Czarapata

CIO at Kentucky Community and Technological College System. Inclined towards HigherEd and EdTech.

4. Stephen Landry

HigherEd CIO interested in technology, education, EdTech and classical music.

5. Bruce Maas

CIO at The University of Wisconsin–Madison.  

6. Vitaliy Katsenelson

Author of the Little Book of Sideways Markets and writes monthly column for institutional investor magazine. Educator, CIO at IMA.

7. Kelly Walsh

Founder of CIO & Adjunct Instructor at The College of Westchester.

8. Sppitt

CIO at Binghamton University in New York. Supporter of highered and EdTech.

9. Gary Brantley

Leader, speaker, strategist, technologist and current CIO at DeKalb County Schools.

10. Andrew Moore

CIO for Boulder Valley Schools. Lead education technology and all it functions for around 30,000 students and 4,500 employees.

11. Brian Kuhn

CIO for Vancouver School Board. Research and design ways to use technology for education.

12. Larry Berman

Education Investor, CIO, Founder at The Capital Management and The Independent Investor Institutes.

13. Cathy Kyle

CIO and Educator at Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, TN.

14. Deborah Howard

CIO for EDWorks,. Lead research and development work, concentrating product design and innovation in education.

15. Jasonmkern

CIO and Director of Modern Learning at The Oakridge School. Google certified innovator. TEDx Youth Curator. Microsoft Innovative Educator.

16. Erika Yigzaw

CIO at American College of Healthcare Sciences. Online education and tech geek. Inbound marketer, lavender farmer and blogger.

17. Michael D. Erikson

CIO at Colorado School of Mines. Higher education IT leader and strategist.

18. Michael Alloy

CIO, educator, speaker.

19. Anand Padmanabhan

CIO for NYU Stern; helping education emerge in markets.

20. Nikkol Bauer

CIO for Henry County Schools in KY, education enthusiast and a geek at heart.

21. Pal Kerekfy

Collaboration expert, CIO, mathematician, teacher in higher education. 

22. Marco Zumbolo

Assistant Superintendent, CIO at Broadalbin-Perth CSD. Passionate about doing what is right in education. 

23. Stephen diFilipo

BYOD wizard. Top CIO HigherEd. 

24. A. Michael Berman

Learner, teacher, instigator and lover of life. VR tech and communication, California State University Channel Islands.

25. Kelly Flanagan

CIO and Professor of computer science at Brigham Young University.

26. G. Ravishanker

CIO at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA.

27. Jim Nottingham

CIO in Higher Education, Norwich City Supporter, runner, cyclist and swimmer.

28. Chris Erikson

Tech Integrationist at St. Cloud Schools. CIO Governing Board.

29. Tom Skill

Associate Provost, CIO and Professor at The University of Dayton. Expertise in higher education, computing, information system and communication technologies.

30. Greg Flanik

CIO at Baldwin Wallace University and recipient of Crain’s 2015 Nonprofit CIO of the year.

31. Mark Staples - CIO

Vice President & CIO at Wenworth Institute of Technology, Boston. 

32. Frank J. Monaco

Retired Colonel, USA. CIO for higher education. IT consultant and adjunct cyber security. IT Ethics and Leadership.   

33. Christian Boniforti

CIO at Lynn University. Making a better digital world for all.

34. Vince Scheivert

CIO, educational technologist, Philly Sports enthusiast and avid sport fisherman.

35. Tom Andriola

CIO and Vice President at the University of California Office of the President.

36. Brian Seligman

K-12 Director of Information Systems, Data and Technology and also Chief Innovation Officer at Harrison Central School District. 

37. Jim Bottum

CIO and Vice President at Clemson University; Presidential Fellow at Internet2.

38. Bryson Payne

Professor, Author of Tech Your Kids to Code. Former CIO and Computer Science Department Chairperson at The University of North Georgia.

39. Todd Nicolet

Higher Education CIO- Technology and Learning Strategist and Leader. Associate Dean for Operations at School of Government.

40. Kathy Gates

CIO at The University of Mississippi. Appreciates technology, the visual arts, being outside. 

41. Brian Miller

Brian is the CIO of Davenport University. You must follow him to keep up with his thoughts on responsible technology solutions for students and institutions.

42. Stephen Lamb

Stephen's Twitter handle is “SEE EYE OH”. He is the CIO of British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), working on behalf of 45,000 students and over 2000 employees as part of the leadership team.

43. Ganesan Ravishanker

Follow Ravishanker from Wellesley College to get feeds about higher education technology in general and especially library & technology services.

44. Baz Abouelenein

Over the past few years, he has worked with executive leaders, faculty, and stakeholders at Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) to ensure a collaborative, transformational environment where technology is used to its full potential. Keep an eye on his account to get access to resources in context to IT in education.

45. Raechelle Clemmons

Raechelle Clemmons from St. Norbert College builds, sustains and leads the college-wide information technology programs. Follow her for implementation of mission-critical enhancements and initiatives in the information technology area. 

46. Joanna Young

Joanna is accountable for applications and infrastructure for Michigan State University, to maximize technology investment in support of MSU market and mission.  Follow her on Twitter to get advice on leadership and discussions about technology. 


Which other Education SEE EYE OH ( CIO :P) do you follow? Share with us in the comment section below.

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