Learning Analytics Startups & Companies For Educators to Keep An Eye On

Learning Analytics Startups & Companies to Keep An Eye On

The science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information is known as data analytics.

With the adoption of technology in more schools there are clearly a lot of opportunities for better data gathering and analysis in education. Academic analysis focuses on larger scope data interpretation, such as differing educational standards across subjects, teachers, or school districts. This type of analysis is beneficial for the growth of educational sector all together.

Below is a list of learning analytics startups and companies which make it easy for you to improve student learning outcomes through student data analysis.

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1. Panorama Education

About: Panorama Education is bringing the power of data to education through a SaaS platform used by hundreds of school districts across the US. They help school districts, charter networks, and state governments conduct surveys of students, parents, teachers, and staff. They believe that stakeholder feedback is a powerful professional development tool, and they believe that stakeholder surveys--when done correctly--make educator evaluation systems more fair and more effective.

Found In: 2012

Found By: Xan Tanner, Aaron Feuer, David Carel

Website: https://www.panoramaed.com/

2. Civitas Learning

About: Civitas Learning offers a cloud-based, predictive analytics platform that delivers insights to the frontlines of education. Civitas Learning partners with forward-thinking institutions to harness the power of insight and action analytics to power and scale student success initiatives -- bringing the best of education, technology, and data together to measurably improve student persistence, retention, and graduation. Using a cloud-based predictive analytics platform and engaging applications, Civitas Learning delivers insights to the frontlines, where committed students, faculty, advisors, and administrators can use them to inform decisions -- big and small -- to deepen learning and improve outcomes.

Found In: 2011

Found By: Charles Thornburgh, Mark Milliron

Website: http://www.civitaslearning.com/

3. LearnSprout

About: LearnSprout is an online data insights service for K-12 educators. It is the only education analytics solution available that uses live data directly from a district’s student information system. LearnSprout combines assessment results, course grades, and attendance to provide actionable insights into student and school performance. Supported by simple setup, and clear, purposeful design, LearnSprout creates an experience that engages and informs.

Found In:  2012

Found By: Franklyn Chien, Anthony Wu, Joe Woo

Website: http://www.learnsprout.com/

4. Renaissance Learning

About: Renaissance Learning is a K12 assessment and learning analytics company with a presence in more than a third of U.S. schools. It helps educators plot students along a research-validated learning path so that students can make progress to the height of their potential.

Found By: Judi Paul, Terry Paul

Website: http://www.renaissance.com/

5. BrightBytes

About:  BrightBytes provides SaaS-based data analytics platform that measures and links technology use in education to learning outcomes.

They are obsessed with leveraging data to understand and improve learning with technology.

Found In: 2012

Found By: Rob Mancabelli, Hisham Anwar

Website: http://brightbytes.net/

6. Learnmetrics

About: Learnmetrics, a data analysis platform, collects, connects and analyzes school data and provides educators with metrics and analytics. No setup, no configuration and no IT support required. We just connect the data to the platform and use our dashboard to bring your data to life.

Found In: 2012

Found By: Matt Duch, Julian Miller, Brian Dellabetta

Website: https://learnmetrics.com/

7. Junyo

About: Committed to improving how schools teach and how students learn, Junyo plans to leverage the enormous power of big-data analytics to help improve the educational system and the individual learning process.

Found In: 2011

Found By: Kim Jacobson, Steve Schoettler

Website: http://junyo.com/

8. Education Analytics

About: They use data to help make better decisions on policies and programs that help schools and students succeed. Started out as an outgrowth of Dr. Rob Meyer's work on school and educator effectiveness at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they have been expanding ever since.
At present they are profiled as a non-profit organization working across the US to solve tough problems with real and actionable solutions

Found In: 2012

Found By: Karl Brennan

Website: http://edanalytics.org/

9. IBM Analytics for Education

About: IBM is committed to the lifelong education of the world's students. Through IBM Analytics, we are helping education leaders around the world transform education by identifying students at risk and keeping them in school, assisting educational institutions navigate uncertain budgeting decisions and maximizing interconnected relationships. 

Website: http://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/industry/education/

10. Intellify Learning

About: They give you the ability to track learning activities across all platforms and tools used, gauge student engagement and performance including identifying students at risk, and inform and monitor remedial activities. Education providers are also able to monitor activity and performance of courses and programs, and identify areas for data-informed iterative improvements.

Found In: 2013

Found By: Chris Vento, Prashant Nayak

Website: http://www.intellifylearning.com/

11. Knewton

About: Knewton is the world’s leading adaptive learning technology provider with the mission of bringing personalized education to the world. Students, teachers, parents, schools and education companies around the globe use Knewton's proven adaptive learning technology, tailoring lessons that dynamically adapt to each student's unique needs. Knewton-powered digital curricula provide students with tailored recommendations for exactly what to study, teachers with analytics to better support each student, and publishers with content insights to develop better products.

Found In: 2008

Found By: Jose Ferreira

Website: https://www.knewton.com/

12. DreamBox Learning

About: DreamBox Learning, an online software provider, offers elementary mathematics education through its Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform. Through the use of formative learning analytics, educators are able to gain insights into learning progress and struggles and integrate lessons and digital tools into their classroom practice.

Found In: 2004

Found By: Lou Gray

Website: http://www.dreambox.com/

Add more to the list. The comment box awaits you.


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