5 Effective Ways for Interaction and Communication with Instructors

5 Effective Ways for Interaction and Communication with Instructors

When it comes to learning, instructors are synonymous to resources, and it is the students’ duty to utilize the resources adequately.

So, instead of avoiding the instructor’s office, communicate and interact with them properly so that they can help you to the maximum extent possible, which is something they would be eager to do. Here are five effective ways for breaking the ice.

Address instructors by the correct title

More often than not, instructors will let you know how they would prefer to be called. In case you are in doubt, go for “Dr.” followed by the last name. If your instructor is not a professor, he or she will convey that to you. However, even if you call them “Dr.” and they are not so, no one would be offended by such addressing. Remember not to misspell the name of the instructor when you are writing an email to the person.

Be truthful and open

Lies are something that almost all instructors hate, so you must refrain from telling lies, or hiding something or twisting the facts regarding the actual event. Also, instructors do not tolerate deception at any cost. So, be honest and always speak out the truth. 

Do not consider instructors as mind readers

Unless you are indulging in a casual conversation with your instructors, always prepare in advance regarding what question to ask. The point is that you must be able to explain clearly the topic or the area you need assistance with. Again, if you plan for the interaction before, you would not face embarrassment by forgetting what you wanted to ask. Moreover make sure that if any material is required for the discussion, you carry it along with you.

Do not rush to know about the finals

You might wish to directly ask regarding what would be in the final. But that is not the proper way. Instead, you might communicate in a roundabout manner and ask how you can most efficiently prepare yourself for the final. Refrain from being aggressive and behaving as if your instructor is bound to tell you about the final. Interact in a diplomatic manner by phrasing your questions differently so that it does not seem that you are looking forward to special treatment.

Make good use of technology

Southwestern Oklahama State University leverages ‘Canvas’ which is an integrated platform for focused discussion wherein both students and instructors can make contribution to or start discussion topics. The platform has room for announcements, discussions and conversations.

In case you want to make announcements, you need to click on the proper title for Announcement and reply for the suitable announcement. This can be viewed by all class participants.

Again, for discussions with everyone participating in the class, go for the suitable discussion title and leave a reply.

Conversations can be managed with one or more than one recipient. The software has a Help corner with an inbox link for you to click. All you need to do is enter a group, course or name for which the message is intended. Then compose the message and send it.

So, we saw how you can make the right use of technology and also follow certain behavioral norms in order to ensure proper interaction and communication with instructors. Follow these, and you will get real learning out of your time in school.

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