Must Have Resource to Inspire Every Child to Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Must Have Resource to Inspire Every Child to Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

We see kids aspiring to be astronauts, sportsmen, scientists, doctors and what not.

But it’s very difficult to find kids that aspire to be an entrepreneur. And honestly most of them are not even aware of this. The concept of entrepreneurship is not much talked about despite the importance it has be it in schools or at home. Kids aren’t instilled with the knowledge of entrepreneurship from the beginning and that is one major reason for kids not having an entrepreneurial spirit.

Online resources can be a good way to get kids started and teaching them some of the essential skills that entrepreneurs possess to get them familiar with this art. One such tool is, an online platform that inspires children to be innovative leaders through the teaching of entrepreneurship, business and finance.

Watch the video below to know how BizWorld is helping kids explore the entrepreneurs in them!

With an aim to prepare children for bright futures that support global economic growth and vibrancy, BizWorld connect third to eighth grade students to the real world by providing curricula, training educators and fostering collaboration between education and business.   

With their 3 different types of courses, namely, BizWorld, BizMovie, and BizWiz kids across the globe can learn the skills for entrepreneurship.

Read below to check which one suits you the best!  


Meant for beginners, this program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance in an engaging hands-on manner. Their project based learning techniques makes it clear to the children about starting and operating processes of the business world. Students team up in six and start, run and fund their own company in friendship bracelet industry.

Through all this students gets to learn about decision making, and other marketing related concepts like naming, branding, pricing etc. students also get the opportunity to bring their product to in sales bazar and promote and sell their product to other schools.

And don’t freak out no real money is involved its all a part of the project just to give a real life experience for the kids.

Check out the full program here


Moving a step ahead, this program covers a wider range of actions. In this one students learn about the basics of money management and investment. In this program students’ project is to create an investment portfolio and in the process they acquire knowledge of various investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, CDs, venture capital, real estate, and collectibles.

Students again works in he teams of 6 exploring and learning by collaborating in order to set a financial goal, develop an investment strategy and trading plan, create a diversified portfolio, and track their investments.

Here the main focus is on developing the child’s leadership qualities and critical thinking about investments.

Check out the full program here.



With hands on this program, students get the opportunity to create animated movies using a GoAnimate for Schools, a leading cloud-based animated movie making platform. For students with limited computer skills, BizMovie can be a fun introduction to technology, and for others, this experience can help to build computer animation fluency. 

To check more about the program, click here

Found in 1997, the organization has empowered more than 5,00,000 students till now across 50 states and more than 100 countries. The impact is huge and the success stories are enthralling.

Can platform like BizWorld lead children to a new direction and help them understand and achieve their ambitions.

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