Why You Shouldn't Settle for Education Data That is Too Hard to Understand

Why You Shouldn't Settle for Education Data That is Too Hard to Understand

Data that is difficult and complex to understand can often lead to wrong interpretations and is mostly perceived incorrectly.

Due to this problem measures taken may fall out of causes and problems remain intact.

Jenny Rankin, an educator, author and EdTechReview contributor who lectures at University of Cambridge and Chief Education & Research Officer of Illuminate Education, believes that “when we’re fluent in visualizing our ideas, we can communicate them across global boundaries, across spoken language barriers, and across other obstacles thrown in our paths.” 

Over-The-Counter-Data (OTCD) is explained as a design approach organized as a set of standards any data system or report can utilize to help educators make more accurate analyses of data.   

Jenny Rankin in her TEDxTUM Talk on Education Data puts forward various examples that lead to disastrous happening all because of miscommunication of data. She illustrates how heroes effectively used data to communicate various messages and tell us about how we can communicate data more effectively and over-the-counter.  She also talks about her research on the Over-The-Counter- Data where she signifies the importance of easy representation of data so that data can be easily understood without needing the help of any professional. According to her content, label, better titles, display etc. are essential to make data more understandable. She also emphasis on data packaging and reference guides that play a vital role for people to understand more about the product.  

Most educators use EdTech data systems and data, but they are settling for data displays that are too hard to understand, and with such miscommunicated data things can get ugly. She shows us how data can be made “over-the-counter” so it is easy for educators to understand and use without the help of a professional.

Check out this Over-The-Counter Data Blog and this PDF that talks about its Standards.

You must watch this TEDxTUM Talk by Jenny Rankin to hear more of it from her!

Share your views about OTCD with us in the comment section below. 

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