Science Learning Games For Kids

Science is one of the most important and a vast subject.

Most of the kids fail to understand why we have to start studying science from the early days of our school and the irony is many answers to their curious questions are out of the very same subject.

Below is a list of science learning games for kids categorized in various age groups to teach fun science games in a fun and an engaging manner.

Science Games for Kids aged 5 and under

1. Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day

A very nice game. Kids who happen to love animals will love the game. Through a series of science games, kids will learn about animals, their diets, habitats and other attributes. The science game for kids features characters from the popular Nick Jr. TV show Bubble Guppies, so it’s a win-win for those who are familiar with the show.    

Compatibility: iOS

2. Everybody has a Brain

Suitable for the kids aged 4 and 5. This is a collection of animated videos, songs and other little engaging materials that will help you to teach your children about human brain. It is a paid game.

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

3. GazziliScience

A fun multilevel game that teaches kids about various concepts of science in fun and engaging manner. Child interacts with the App to build a deep understanding of science-related concepts.

Compatibility: iOS  

4. MarcoPolo Ocean

With this game kids can learn basics about the water bodies and the life in them. This puzzle app consists of 5 fun activities. Kids can explore a coral reef in shallow areas of the ocean, or take a dive to see what lives in the dark depths of the ocean.

Compatibility: iOS (iPad)

5. Season and Weathers

Introduce kids to the variety of seasons and bring them a little more closely to the knowledge of the various seasons we experience and aspects related like the type of clothing we need according to particular season.

Compatibility: iOS

6. Sid’s Science Fair

This game will definitely help you to satiate the curiosity of young minds. A collection of 3 games to help kids understand various areas of science in fun ways. A little drawback is that it might not work nicely on small devices and works best on tablets.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

For Kids aged between 6-11

1. Thinkrolls2

This game covers concepts such as force, density and electricity. A nice game with two settings, easy and hard to work according to individuals pace. The challenges require thinking and planning ahead, but kids can try without penalty until they figure it out. Every completed level leads to a fun new ball character to play with.

Compatibility: iOS

2. Lifeboat to Mars

A biology game. The game has two kinds of simulations: one where you control microbes and another where you control an animal and plant ecosystem. In the latter, predators do eat prey but all that is seen is a whirlwind from which only the predator emerges. Animals do produce young but kids will not see any mating rituals.

Compatibility: Mac, windows  

3. Britannica Kids: Solar System

Explore the secrets of solar system and get to know more about planets, stars, galaxies, sun, moon constellations and more! Attractive videos assures you the engagement throughout and with informative articles you can help kids to learn better.

Compatibility: iOS, android  

4. Pines to Vines - The Forest Biome

With hands on this game, learn about forest biomes.  Six chapters cover topics in great detail, and kids can tap keywords to see supporting images and definitions throughout the chapters. Some images include fun facts that kids can tap on and open.

Compatibility: iOS (iPad)

5. Bobo Explores Light

What is light? And how does it work? Get the basics of the nature and working of light from this interactive textbook game. Topics include reflection, refraction, lasers, the color spectrum, how eyes see, why the sky is blue, and much more.

Compatibility: iOS

6. WaterLife: Where Rivers Meet the Sea

A free educational online game in which players learn about the ecosystem that exists in estuaries, and what kind of impact human activity has on these vulnerable areas. Players complete a series of puzzles and mini-games (word searches, trivia questions, etc.) as they advance through the story of a girl who teams up with a sea otter to spread the word about litter and pollution.

Compatibility: online platform.

7. Professor Astro Cat's Solar System

A digital version of a children's book written by a quantum physicist about outer space. The app uses the same text and illustrations but adds some interactive features, trivia games, and a build-a-rocket-ship puzzle. Kids can create their own profile with which they can explore more about solar system.

Compatibility: iOS

8. The Magic School Bus: Oceans

Based on the magic school bus TV series, this game is woven into a story and represents the life of an ocean. One mini-game is about the food chain and does show fish eating other, smaller fish.

Compatibility: iOS

For Kids aged between 12-17

1. DK the Human Body App

It works as a reference tool that teaches about the human body. The app covers the information and beautiful illustrations on all the human beauty system and can be used as an engaging way to teach kids about the complex human body functions.  

Compatibility: iOS

2. Monster Physics

An amazing way to explore principles of physics. Kids may use the build feature to create their own contraption. Building materials include metal, wood, and plastic parts; rubber tires; ropes; chains; magnets; propellers; and more. Once they've finished, kids can see their contraptions in action using the built-in physics engine. The app also has 50 missions for kids to solve

Compatibility: iOS

3. Sky Map

Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. A great way to foster an appreciation of astronomy among kids.

Compatibility: Android

4. Mobile Observatory

Mobile Observatory is the perfect tool for anybody interested in the sky's wonders, from the occasional sky gazer to the passionate amateur astronomer. The app provides you with loads of detailed extra information on stars, planets, deep sky objects, meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar and solar eclipses as well as detailed ephemeris of all included sky objects and an interactive top-down view of the Solar System.

Compatibility: Android

5. Bio Digital Human

An amazing website that allows you to virtually explore the inner workings of the human body with ease. Basic membership is free and will work for most middle and high school kids, though those taking advanced anatomy and physiology courses might consider the additional premium membership.

Compatibility: online platform

6. Solar System for iPad

This is a great app for the iPad users. Learn all about the solar system in an interactive manner.  The app works as a digital book about our solar system -- including facts about the sun, planets, moons, asteroid belts, and more.  

Compatibility: iOS

7. Quantum Spctre

With this, understand and play with optics and light.  It has no objectionable content, and is designed by researchers for learning. The puzzles grow increasingly more confounding and different reflective widgets get added every few levels. Kids should get a solid feel for how light can be reflected, bent, split, and combined, and there's plenty of play time and challenge and all for free.

Compatibility: iOS

8. Solve the Outbreak

Solve the Outbreak is an engaging educational app that puts kids in the role of disease detectives. Kids can choose from several outbreak scenarios such as "Birthday Party Gone Bad" or "Connect the Spots." Once they choose their scenario, kids get clues and analyze data in order to solve the scenario and help prevent further outbreaks. Kids can earn points and awards as they work through the scenarios, but the real motivation for curious minds is solving the mystery.

Compatibility: iOS

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Are there any other science games that your student and kids enjoy?

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