Videos Every Teacher and Educator Must Watch to Learn About Google, It’s Apps & Tools for Education

Google provides easy tools for every teaching and learning aspect that can help teachers and engage students anywhere anytime.

The likability Google has in the education sector is well deserved and the reason is the amazing apps and other tools that are being provided by Google to not only simplify the educational process but also make it fun and engaging.

Watch the videos below to know about some of the best tools Google has provided and the even better things that Google helps educators do. 

1) Google Drive For Teachers

Share documents for particular class, manage your work effortlessly, get access to Google classroom. With GDrive you get 15 GB space to save all your important documents be it the assignments or the notes you have prepared for students that are safe with you.  

2) Using Google Docs in the Classroom

With Google Docs you can do wonders in your class. The various options it provides can be of great use. Collaborative writing is another great option. This video specifically talks about how you can use different Google Docs features in your classroom.

3) Chalkup + Google Apps for Education

Chalkup integrates seamlessly with GAFE. Teachers can easily share Google Drive files and have students turn them in on Chalkup. With this combination teachers can easily grade students and assign tasks as well. Creating own rubrics is also possible.

4) Google Calendar for Lesson Planning

With this time management app, managing your schedule will be really easy. Schedule your classes mention what will be your teaching topics, share with your class. Change with everybody’s opinion with the availability of comment section.

5) Google Forms For Teachers

With this teachers can easily prepare quiz questions, prepare tests and evaluate student’s responses.  

6) Thesaurus Google Add On

This is an addition add on that needs to be installed from the Google app suite. Connecting this with your drive will enable you to write on docs along with having an online dictionary working with you to improvise on the words that you use, access to synonyms and antonyms, various figures of speech. It works like your pown personal editor working along with you at every step.      

7) Document Merge in Google Drive : AutoCrat

It allows you to merge information from a spreadsheet into a Google doc. Simply install AutoCrat from the add on store and start working alone or with peers.   

8) LucidCharts Layers

Easily draw flowcharts, mockups, mind maps and more to add engagement to your teaching content. 

9) Kaizena for Google Docs

Added with Google docs, this tool helps teachers to give high quality feedback on student work - simply highlight and speak to give verbal feedback

10) Read & Write for Google

After installing, you get access to many features like work prediction, pictures dictionary, text speech, fact finder, speech input, translator and many highlighter tools. With this tool user not just get knowledge from reading the document instead with so many options available user gets a chance to explore more about from the very same platform without losing interest in the current piece of reading.

11) GeoGebra with Google Classroom

It is free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Interactive teaching and learning resources created with GeoGebra can be shared and used by everyone at

GeoGebra is the world’s favorite dynamic mathematics software, has received numerous educational software awards, and supports STEM education and innovations in teaching and learning worldwide.

12) PowToons

It is a great tool that lets you create awesome animated videos and presentations in the most easiest way. The video above is a Tutorial for PowToon, with particular focus on using this tool for digital storytelling and presentations. Adding such videos can be a great way to add engagement to your classroom.  


This is a great tool to make notes when you see educational videos. It allows you to watch video on one side of the screen and make notes on the other side where every all the text gets sync automatically.

14) Google Apps for Education

Now watch this session to know more about the features of Google Apps, the benefits of using it, the challenges involved, and an overview of the main components of the suite

15) Google For Education 101

Well, this video won’t guide you for usage of any particular app or tool but simply will show you the potential of a classroom when it goes Google.

Which video did you like the most? What are your favorite services by Google in education? Share with us in the comment box below.



Three videos in the list (5,11, ) were updated due to new versions of the product and readers' request on Jun 6th, 2016.

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