10 Amazing Apps For Educating Your Employees

10 Amazing Apps For Educating Your Employees

Supporting your employees so they can learn new things and improve their skills is one of the goals of any company that respect their team and their own goals.

It not only make everybody more productive and able to deliver better results, but also will keep them motivated at work.

And technology can help you on this task, as several apps have been created so far ready to help you to educate your team. The options of skills that you can learn from them is broad, so get ready to choose your favorites from the list below.

1. Udemy

Proud of its over 1000 online and on-demand courses, which have been attended by over 2 million people, Udemy is a great service to anyone who wants to learn almost anything. And their app works just fine, allowing you to watch videos, access documents, listen to audio presentations, and more anywhere you are.

Udemy app also works offline and has a specific service for companies called Udemy for Business, which allows you to use the tool to create an exclusive on-demand training platform for your team (schedule a demo if interested). Available for iOS and Android devices for free.

2. SkillPill

With over 1 million of learners, SkillPill offers quick courses for those who want to update or perfect a specific skill. And their library support podcasts, animated videos, templates, and more. SkillPill solution is ready for gamification and comes with an adaptive algorithm that will improve itself based on your team’s learning habits.

They also offer extra services, such as the creation of a custom animation if you would like to deliver a message to your employees this way. Available for iOS, Android e Windows Phone.

3. Slyng

Slyng is a collaborative tool that will allow you to share learning content with your employees. It comes with channels so you can get your materials organised by subject, location-based notifications, and analytics tools, which will help you to track important statistics such as view counts, view lengths, and engagement.

It can be connected to Dropbox, YouTube, Slidepoint, Google Drive, and other online tools. It is accessible by iOS and Android devices and has top-security level. Also free of charge.

4. DesignJot

If you want to create your own training course, you should have a look at DesignJot. This app is ready to help both newbies and experienced training designers to build their courses through answering simple questions.

Audience, Needs, Strengths, Weaknesses, Expertise, and Results are the topics to be analysed so to allow you to create a project on which your course will be based. It used to cost US$ 4,99 but it is free nowadays. Available for iOS only.

5. Lynda.com

Business, creativity, and technology are the main categories of the courses available on lynda.com. Well-known by the high-quality of their content, this website also has an app that will give you free access to a few courses so that you can have a look at it. You can also switch between devices, and it is available for iOS and Android.

For full and unlimited access, you will have to pay for a monthly subscription of US$ 25 with a standard account, or you can get a premium account for US$ 37.50 (for offline viewing and downloadable practice files). But if you want to grant access to over 5 people, you can try their Business Solutions with more attractive payment plans.

6. Apple Keynote

If all that you want to do is create a presentation for your training course, you should have a look at Apple Keynote. This powerful app is similar to PowerPoint but much better than it. It will allow you to create animated charts and transitions just by touching and tapping, just as an example.

You can use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to get the job done, using one of the 30 Apple-designed themes available as a starting point. iCloud is built in it so you can access your presentation from anywhere, present it through your device or with an HDTV, and share it with just a link. It also integrates with Apple Watch and costs US$ 9,99.

7. Kineo E-learning Top Tips

Looking for tips on how to get started designing e-learning courses? So all that you need is in this app. Kineo is a free app for iOS devices, full of tips and pieces of advice for those interested in becoming instructional designers.

You will prepare yourself to build a business case; create scenarios and dialogues; use graphics, audio, and videos in the right way; and more. Their info is also constantly updated so you will get to know the trends as soon as something new comes up. You can also share your tips and bookmark your favourites.

8. iTunes U

Tons of resources are available for instructional designers on iTunes U, including free and paid courses, as it has been recently updated by Apple. But you can also use it to create your own courses that can later be accessed by your team through iPad devices.

It can also allow private discussions and push notifications (which will help you with your time management), and assignments can be built in minutes there. You will even find an integrated PDF annotation tool there. And if you already have your own content, you can just import it to your classroom. Full guidelines are provided and the tool is free of charge.

9. Blackboard Corporate Mobile

If you already have a hosted enterprise Blackboard Collaborate license, you will certainly get a lot more from their app. With it, all the solution's advantages become mobile, including the possibility to join web conferencing sessions and chat rooms; to answer multiple choice questions; and to check whiteboard content.

As a consequence, this is a great way to participate in online classes, meetings, one-on-one tutoring, group projects, and more. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

10. ASTD's Trainer Toolkit

The app created by The American Society of Training and Development has valuable information and resources for trainers and instructional designers. All activities available (including icebreakers and openings) were created by experts and then collected and edited by facilitation guru Elaine Biech.

You will be able to access articles, books excerpt, and an in-app time, plus to store your notes and comment. The toolkit is available for both Android and iOS devices, its standard version is free of charge (pay more for extra features) and it is regularly updated with new info.

To Sum Up

As you can see, there is a good number of tools ready to help you to educate your employees. Some of them will do the job for you, making available free and paid courses so you can just choose your favourites from it. Others will give you the resources to create your own training courses, offering you from tips to design tools.

All that you have to do now is to decide which one has the features that you need at the moment and see how they fit in your organization – it is crucial that your team also feels comfortable, engaged, and motivated while using the app, and not intimidated or bored as if they were back to their worst school years.

So give them a try as soon as you can. The positive results should be there for you to see faster than you think.

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Author: Ethan Dunwill
Ethan Dunwill is an entrepreneur, business consultant and contributing blogger for several websites. He's interested in self-development, education and personal growth.

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