Importance of Parent Engagement and How Mobile Apps Are Bridging the Gap for Schools

Importance of Parent Engagement and How Mobile Apps Are Bridging the Gap

There is a reason why parents are asked to be involved in their kids’ education at all the times.

It is of utmost importance that they must be present when their kids’ perform or take part in other co-curricular activities. Parent involvement works as a dose of motivation for kids and just a slight push from parent help kids feel comfortable and boosts their confidence helping them to do better.  

Research shows that when parents are involved students have:

- Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates

- Better school attendance

- Increased motivation, better self-esteem

- Lower rates of suspension

- Decreased use of drugs and alcohol

- Fewer instances of violent behavior

The more parents actively engage in kids’ education the better it is for the kids’ achievement and development.

One important aspect to parent involvement is regular communication with the teachers. For face to face communication, institutions do hold meetings once in a while to inform parents about the overall performance of the child but that doesn’t inform parents of their kids’ regular activities on a regular basis.

To help with this, technology plays an important role. With various web tools, teachers and parents are being able to communicate effectively with each other and can easily discuss about the regular activities and other important points that parents must be aware of about their kids.

Computers and broadband can effectively enhance communication between the home and school, engage families in learning with their child, inform parents about student academic performance and attendance, promote beneficial educational practices, enable teachers to better engage parents in school activities, and connect families to resources that can improve their life prospects.

Technology in the form of mobile apps like Kryptos MobileArch The Way, Remind, Classdojo Messenger that helps schools and teachers stay in touch with parents, LMSs like Edmodo that connects parents, students and teachers on the same platform providing transparency top all in regard to carious activities. This kind of participation by teachers and parents help children grow in all aspects. Kids feel secure and have someone to look up to for everything.

Apart from communicating in regard to the kids’ performance, parents involvement in other key areas like decision making for class activities, and sharing their concerns and opinions about school help authorities to make it a better place for all.

Looking at it from the other angle, sometimes there are chances that parents do not get time from their busy lives to actively engage in their kids’ lives, in such cases schools can help parents by encouraging them to be actively involved by introducing some parental activities like creating a parental portal, encouraging parent created content, use of social media and conducting surveys where parents have get a chance to put forward their beliefs and thoughts. When schools invite and encourage parent involvement, parents are more likely to become engaged.   

I recommend that you read more about how Natomas Charter School Star Academy in Sacramento, Calif is using digital tools and having parents involved better than ever.

Each member of the community plays a crucial role in determining the academic success and overall growth of the kids hence engagement is necessary and seamless communication among parents, teachers and students is the way for it.  Schools can and should foster this type of parent and caregiver engagement because it does not happen automatically but takes time to put into effect.  

What’s your take on parent engagement? What importance does it holds in a student’s life?

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