Videos Every Teacher and Educator Must Watch to Learn About Microsoft in Education

With changing trends of education, Microsoft is helping educators inspire, engage, collaborate, and work wonders in and out of the classroom.

With Microsoft education is best of the best as the tools like Office, OneNote, Surface and more by Microsoft for Education are world-class and the apps you can access are just apt for all the 21st century education needs. 

The videos in the list below will help you learn more about the potential of Microsoft in education. Check out to learn about some of the tools & apps to do wonders with this mix.

1) Microsoft Photosynth

With this tool you can make your students learn and experience education through interactive 3D experiences it creates. Tool can be of great use for history classes to make the subject so much more interesting.  

2) Flashcards

With this one you can help your students build memory and recognition skills with a modern twist on the classic learning tool. A great prop to revise and learn in a simple way.

3) Presentation App Sway

This presentation tool coms with Features like Social Media Integration (add more resources), Search Engine Integration (students can explore more), Creative Navigation Styles (to add some zing), Style Options To Emphasize Important Information, (highlight the key concepts) and Responsive And Animation Functionality(get responses). Now imaging how great it would be to use it for your educational slides where you can make any lesson into this interactive presentation that makes learning so much more resourceful and engaging.  

4) OneNote for Students

This video explains how students can use OneNote for almost all of their academic work. Be it books, paper, dividers, pens, ruler, glue, or calculator with this tool student can replace all of these easily.

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5) Kodu

With Kodu, you can teach programming, problem solving and collaboration in a creative 'hands-on' environment. Students not only learn they create.

6) PowerPoint

We all know about PowerPoint but we all don’t know hoe we can create amazing info graphics that can be used in the classrooms to add more engagement. This video will guide you to do so.

7) Office365

Create your own calendar of upcoming events, drop-boxes for homework, links to Internet resources, embedded video, and OneNote notebook and collaboration through a class OneNote and all of this can be accessed by your class. Manage your work with few clicks.  

8) MS Excel

Track student performance, department budget, and more. Features like Flash Fill and Quick Analysis saves time by anticipating repetitive entries and making these routine tasks move along quickly and effortlessly.

9) Math Sheet Generator

Now this one is a great tool for all math elementary teachers. You can easily create worksheets for the class.  

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10) Chemistry Add In for Word

This is a simple and easy way to include chemistry information in your Word documents.

11) Kinect

With this tool you can transform any ordinary classroom experience into extraordinary immersive education. Watch your students dwelling into class activities after you introduce this tool to them. 

12) Kno Textbooks

This is a great tool to keep all your books in one device. No need to worry about your old books. Access all your books from your windows device and Take notes annotate pages and engage with supplemental media all within a single app.

13) myHomework

This app is for students but it can helps educators as well. When students will be able to mange their work properly the results will definitely better making teachers happy. With hands on this, Students can track assignments, manage their schedule and even access class handouts.

14) Corinth Classroom B

Corinth Classroom B’s 3D visual aids let students supplement cramming with interactive learning experiences to make lessons memorable and not just memorized.  With MS Office integration, immerse students in highly detailed learning objects spanning across five subject areas: human anatomy, plants, geology, culture and technology.

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15) eBackpack

With eBackpack, teachers will no longer need to take home a stack of papers to grade, and students can get visual, audio and video feedback on their assignments.

16) Ultimate Ink Flashcards

This is an amazing app with which user can write, sketch, highlight, annotate and even draw to derive their own pattern of learning. Use ink, sound, and images to make your own unique learning style. These flashcards empowers learners with multi-sensory options for learning. You can create, edit and share many digital learning cards

17) Learning In Context

With over 20 classic interactive selections, Learning in Context is a powerful app to develop student vocabulary skills. Get interesting reading material from these selection that further have number of categories in which user can easily load words.   

18) Nearpod

Most of you are aware of this great tool and for those who are not the Nearpod app helps teachers create and directly push multimedia content to student devices. Teachers can even build interactive quizzes and assess class-wide and individual learning in real-time.

19) Motion Math Hungry Fish

So this game is for the elementary kids. With this app kids can learn basic concepts of math like addition, subtraction & negative numbers and love it as well. It is a simple touchscreen game with in app rewards that keep the kids motivated. 

20) Test Policy

Another app for windows focused on the tests. Monitor test devices, administer tests and add customized tests to the list. The 2 modes are to ensure that no student gets chance to peak into other resources. If done device gets locked.  It is a secure way of testing student’s knowledge.

Which Windows tool or app do you use? Share with us in the comment box below. 

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