Explore Common Core Aligned Fractions Learning Game, Explore Filament Diffision!

Explore Common Core Aligned Learning Game,  Explore Filament Diffision!

Learning becomes even better when it is delivered in a gamified way.

Filament, being one of the most known and loved company for its gamified education is now helping educators and students explore math in one new amazing way with their new game Diffision.

This new game, “Diffision” by Filament is a fascinating fractions learning game about slicing your way through endless procedurally generated puzzles that helps students explore more about the most feared subject math. Learn about fractions by slicing through deceptively simple shapes, manipulate swap and dissolve blocks, and earn the coveted title of Diffissionist. With its cool puzzles, Diffission challenges even the most experienced learners. Seems like with this game math and fun can co-exist.

Key features of the game are:

- Slice through shapes ranging from simple squares to sprawling structures.

- keep yourself motivated and push to earn diamonds through skillful play to unlock more diverse challenges.

- Endless possible procedurally generated levels for neverending learning.

- Intuitive gameplay that unfolds into an expansive strategic challenge.

- Swap and Dissolve Blocks - Unlock special block types to add an extra layer of strategy!

- Challenge Mode - Test your mental agility with timed puzzles. How many can you solve before the clock runs out?

Check out this video below and have a look at the gameplay:

The game claims to be a relaxing experience for users. We give this royalty to the music and cool graphics of the game. Simple visuals and a soothing background music definitely adds value to the gameplay and put your mind to ease.

The game comes with two modes: Endless and Challenge. Initially, you’ll go through a short tutorial that will guide you to get the full Endless mode available to you, and it’s important to read through the introduction else you’ll be a bit lost by the time you reach higher levels. Endless mode lets players play at their own pace, just solving the puzzles with no end goal in mind. The Challenge mode gives you a set amount of time and you must reach a specific goal (number of diamonds) so it counts as your score. Each time you solve a puzzle, you can either add to the diamond goal or add more time to the clock.

Also, Diffission is integrated with Filament Learning curriculum that’s aligned to Common Core State Standards. Each supplemental curriculum unit includes a Teacher's Guide with discussion activities, workshops, labs, and assessments. Students can also follow along with the included Student Guide, which allows for seamless communication between the lessons and the gameplay.

For educators using the game, it comes with an option to check in on students’ progress with the Filament Learning Teacher Dashboard, which provides visibility into which learning objectives students have encountered, serving as a real-time assessment tool. If students are stuck at any given point, the Teacher Dashboard will explain where the student needs help, so teachers can provide just-in-time intervention when students need it the most.

Other requirements for the game are:

The game works just fine on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iPad or Tablets. But, One thing to be kept in mind is that each student will need an individual account in order to preserve, save states and track student progress. Teachers will also need their own accounts to access the games.

We recommend you to try the game and experience learning math in a fresh way.

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