Why This Tool is the Great Fit for Managing Your Institution Effectively

iMile which stands for Institute Management & Integrated Learning Ecosystem, an Education ERP platform is a comprehensive platform that has been developed after several research studies, consultations with the education experts & by analyzing industry challenges that hinders the education service deliveries & as a result stagnate the institutions.

While there are other ways and systems that are being used by educational institutions to manage all of its functions, I recommend you to read below to understand why iMile might be the best option to go with:

- Comprehensive Process Span:

There are over 150+ process spanning across 17 process areas of student life cycle & Institution management spectrum that can be managed easily with iMile.

- Flexibility and Adaptability:

Simple workflow and engaging UI/UX makes it easier for the lower category employee to adapt and execute processes.

- Faster and Smoother Implementations:

The average time span taken to transform the institutional function with iMile is 30-45 days.

- Predictive and Intuitive Analytics:

Over 400 Academic & workforce analytics gives the edge for effective & Informed Decision making process.

- Built in Process Efficiencies and Efficacies:

Process based workflow ensures distribution of accountabilities and tracks as well as drive the completion of the tasks. 

- Process Compliance and Maturity Measurement:

It limits the process and policy violation through its intelligent policy driven workflow engine. Ensuring compliance and self-initiated audit ratings.

- Insights on best practices:

It brings in the best combination of the best in class comprehensive education platform coupled with best practices that are impressed upon by our customers across the world.

- Driving Cost Advantage:

Solution availability as “on premise” as well as “on cloud” ensures best ROI from technology.  

Integrating iMile is beneficial for all involved in the institutions. Let’s have a look how this solution helps each of those involved in the fine working processes of the institution:

For Students Lifecycle Management: Right from Admission Process, the tool is great for students as it takes care of all the important factors of a students’ life. Its e-Learning portal is one thing that helps students accessing education anytime anywhere and makes it feasible to extend learning out of the boundaries. Knowledge Management, Schedules & Notices, Student Self Service, Examination Management, Feedback/interaction and Results & Reports are some other key areas that are taken care of by iMile.

For Parental Interface:  To keep parents in loop iMile has taken care of many things like access to information in respect to Circulars & Notices, Curriculum & Courses, Teacher feedback, Schedules & Time table, Interactive portal, Result & Reports, Progress History, and Teacher & School Information.

For Administration: For the administration that plays a key role in many decisions and have to take care of almost all departments, iMile can help in Institute Administration, Content Management, Circulars & Notices, Process Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Teacher Assessment and Examination Management.

Fee and Accounts: This one function involves a lot of people and a little mistake can cause a lot of chaos. With iMile various activities can be completed easily via Online Payment Gateways, Integration with Account system, Donations Management, Fees structures, Reminder and escalations, Fees Management and Reports and MIS Examination Management.


With an aim to build a digital campus that connects its entire community, the ERP system has been built specifically keeping the niche needs of education processes in mind. iMile serves as a platform that caters to these and many other needs of the K-12 and Higher Ed institutions across the geographies empowering them with the strength of process excellence, administrative excellence and education service delivery excellence. Check out this awesome tool or find out more!

About the Author
Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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