Game-Based Learning: Is It the Future of Education?

Learning is a lifetime experience for all of us.

From early ages we start adapting to surroundings by acquiring new knowledge and skills that help us move on with our life and evolve in a healthy manner. Learning should be fun and allow us to enjoy any new experience. Specialists have discovered that game-based learning is the best experience not only for children but also for adults who need thrilling experiences to make learning easier. Gaming has become the most popular educational tool used by educators around the world trying to make new teaching experiences fun and useful for everyone.

What is Game-Based Learning?

Effective and interactive experiences make learning easier. Many people have discovered that it is challenging to acquire new things when there is no interaction involved and this is how game based learning appeared and started gaining more and more popularity in study centers around the world. This type of experiences involve the use of computers as well as interactive video games that have been specifically created with this main purpose in mind. Producing learning outcomes this way is easier and an experience meant to perfectly balance subject matters and gameplay. This way, educators can easily asses the learners’ ability to retain and properly apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in real life.

Learning to Work Towards a Goal

Game-based learning experiences allow learners to discover new ways of working towards achieving goals in an interactive manner. Choosing actions and experience their consequences in real life is what makes this type of learning sessions worthwhile. Making mistakes is common grounds in education and actually represents the way we get to learn better and remember what we have discovered through our own experiences. Through modern digital games, we can devise and revise our actions until we learn to do them well. This is a much more engaging type of activity as compared to more conventional teaching methods that seemed more challenging than learning should actually be.


Why is Game-Based Learning Efficient?

Game-based learning is efficient mainly because it is based on the principle of situated cognition. Using this method, teachers ensure a learning experience that takes place in meaningful contexts. Subject matters are directly involved in the learning environment so knowledge is gained in a relevant manner and really practiced within given contexts. This way, new skills are easy to acquire and those who approach this method never forget what they have discovered because it becomes and remains part of their life and living contexts.

Traditional learning has numerous advantages that are still kept in this new era of game-based teaching and learning. The gaming option is an added benefit to the learning process, making it easier for learners and bringing new insights on how subject matters manage to retain in their life everything they have learned in practical contexts through digital games. Grasping concepts fully in a faster manner is great practice for students. This way, they learn to connect theory with practice and apply everything they learn easier. Students learning through game-based activities have also proven to engage in the process readily and enjoy the improving of instructional techniques. Leveraging the instructor’s time and sharing knowledge in the online environment as well as through gaming techniques has facilitated the teaching and  learning process around the world.

The New Standard Training Method

Due to the wide number of reasons why game-based learning has proven to be more effective new researches are being done every year. Their main purpose is that of discovering more new ways in which to facilitate the learning process for students of all ages. This way, game-based learning has become the new standard training method that both students and teachers enjoy being part of these days. Effective learning techniques have been developed and help students around the world acquire the knowledge and skills they need to live an educated life with a wide ranges of benefits.

Being open to advances in technology enabled educators around the world to find new ways of facilitating the learning process in all given domains. Learning through play and adapting to the digital world are a must these days. The achieved results are proven fact of the effectiveness of this method.

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