EdTech Companies Impacting The Education Market in New Zealand

EdTech Companies Impacting The Education Market in New Zealand

EdTech is an exciting and growing sector and New Zealand has a number of growing companies who are developing a diverse range of learning-focused products including games, apps, educational software and courseware to make the most of the export opportunities that the EdTech industry offers.

To help, New Zealand’s Ministry of Education funds a 3P Learningcalled the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES), which allows schools to provide licensed programs for software. The Ministry also runs a dedicated video conferencing bridge and other e-learning services for schools. 

According to the New Zealand government sector reports there are more than 124,000 people employed across the technology sector – ICT and hi-tech.

“In the past, New Zealand has received global recognition for its world class education system, for example, our progressive curriculum, pedagogy, and our approach to literacy,” says Education New Zealand’s General Manager Education Development, Clive Jones.

And with networks like TENZ, New Zealand is all set to embrace and produce EdTech services.

Below are few good companies making changes in education in New Zealand. Take a look!

1) Parent Interview

It is an online platform that schedules parent-teacher interviews without unnecessary hassles. The online management system handles the aspects of scheduling appointments and saves a lot of time of teachers. Teachers can easily review whom they met by consulting their schedule, which includes the contact information of each attendee.   

2) Go Vocab

Go Vocab is a new way to teach, learn and revise vocabulary. For students it's fun, competitive and effective. For teachers, Go Vocab frees up valuable class time to be used on more interactive online activities. You can choose content, set homework and get results. .  It comes with top notch content, including vocabulary lists designed to match the curriculum as well as official lists. Users can also upload their vocab lists. Go vocab tracks down the students struggling with vocab and provides list of ‘difficult words’, which you can bring up in class.

3) OceanBrowser

The platform provides software and services for online medical executive education.  The services are focused on understanding the needs of, and providing solutions for high-end education market. It aims to revolutionize the online content delivery in post graduation education with new ways to create manage and interact with online facilities. It has been awarded with Otago Business Excellence Award (Research and Innovation Prize), 2010.

 4) Hapara

It is an innovative education technology company that helps educators effectively use cloud based, open tools to positively impact student learning. With customers in over 30 countries, Hapara is the management platform of choice for Google apps for education. Tools provided by Hapara make Google apps easier to use and more effective. Teachers get the visibility they need to improve student outcomes in the moment, students get the full benefits of a safe, collaborative, digital learning environment, and schools save money.        

5) Learning Seat

It is the largest provider of online compliance training, which is providing e-learning support to various organizations.  With having a solid reputation as trusted advisors in the e learning industry the firm has course libraries and a user base of over 700000 active users. Learning seat is committed to shaping the future of workplaces through digital education.

6) Teach VR

Teach VR provides a new way to learn and discover information. They create a shared virtual reality suite that allows 10-15 people at once to access a photo real learning space. It carries the unlimited potential to create new learning experience without the traditional constraints of location, cost, and safety.

7) 3P Learning

Top Hat is a web-based clicker and online homework tool that aims to make large lecture-based classes more engaging. TopHat Monocle is compatible with all mobile and Web-enabled devices, students can respond in real time to questions and polls posed by instructors, run interactive demonstrations, ask questions, download course notes and submit homework, among other capabilities.

8) 3P Learning

3P Learning is a global leader in online education. Our programs cover mathematics, spelling, literacy, reading and science.

Love learning with Mathletics, Spelling that's as simple as ABC with Spellodrome, Reading Eggs - Where children learn to read, A quantum leap in science learning with InfoScience.

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