Healthcare Solutions for Kids Made Easy for Parents & Schools With Digilooks HealthCare

Healthcare Solutions for Kids Made Easy for Parents & Schools With IMediSecure

Healthcare is the need of the hour for educational institutions and for their students because it is the most left over section today as per my discussions with many schools across India, says Sushant Sharma, CEO, Digilooks HealthCare in a recent meeting with me while sharing his passion for improved physical and mental health which he believes breeds happiness, and is somewhat true.

Technology has changed how we work, live & perform but unfortunately it is not being actively synchronized with healthcare for our students. As per WHO more than 52% girls in India are anemic and require counseling for many issues which cannot be discussed with teachers. Using technology to make students’ health better is a great thing to achieve. Things can be changed and one such company taking working on making these changes is Digilooks HealthCare.

The fact is that despite parents’ best efforts, following problems do reflect in children at a very young age.

  • Some children develop vision defects which are detected at a later stage. If detected at right time vision quality of many children can be improved.
  • Research indicates Vitamin B12, D3, Iron, Calcium etc. play significant role in shaping a child into a healthy adult and there are many deficiencies among children that go unnoticed. 
  • TSH, T3 and T4 significantly affect quality of mental and physical growth for many teenagers.
  • Health indicators like BMI, BMR etc. are not tracked and there are deviations that lead to health issues later.
  • There are many behavioral challenges in a child’s life, in s today's lifestyle that usually are ignored leading to disturbed mental health of students. 
  • Most of the parents do not opt for preventive health check-up of their children for reasons such as lack of awareness, time constraints, etc.

With this kind of situation breeding, it is important to take a step towards betterment of all. To make sure that students are in best of their health Digilooks HealthCare is a good way to track the health of students.  It is a social impact enterprise with a digital platform which caters to healthcare solutions via web &mobile app for the educational institutions. Preventive health check-ups, online & offline student counseling, medical information & tracking the key health parameters are some of the key initiatives by Digilooks HealthCare trying to bring the change.

Digilooks HealthCare Health Program for the School Includes the Following Services:

  • Meeting CBSE compliance of Preventive Health checkup in an academic year.
  • Live Online & Offline Student Counseling & Stress relieving Program.
  • Pediatrics@Kids- Auto vaccination alerts for junior standards.
  • Digitization of medical records.
  • Online Track of Students Health & Medical History.
  • Anemia Free School Program.
  • Tobacco Free School Program.
  • Quarterly Health Awareness & Education Events: Health Talk / Seminar / Webinar / Quiz etc.
  • A special dashboard for School.
  • Wellness- Diet plans, Health Calculators, Health Tools & much more.
  • If required they also have the facility of Login integration with School website.
  • Annual “Health Report Card” with Comprehensive health & growth information.
  • Digilooks HealthCare Genious – Certificate to the healthiest student of the year from every class.
  • Higher Brand Value, Visibility and Recognition among Parents and Community at large.

The services mentioned above are customizable as per the requirements of the institutions as prices as low as INR 20 per student.

Because improved health assures improved education and improved outcomes, it is recommended to try out this tool to give your students a healthy life in all aspects. The services offered takes care of students’ physical and mental wellbeing. Providing counseling &stress relieving program is one important need of today’s generation in the world of cutting edge competition and other factors such as peer pressure which often lands youngsters in very challenging situations; which mostly we are not even aware of. Also, Digilooks HealthCare offers the ease of mobile apps for iOS and Android users to keep things handy.

Digilooks HealthCare is currently proud to serve schools like St. Paul’s School, Ingraham School, Vivekanand School, Maharishi Dayananad University. With a vision to establish an accurate, reliable and complete digital healthcare online manager for all personal medical records to every citizen in India & overseas, this platform is a must try for all the schools so that you can make sure a good well-being to each and every person in the school. 

About the Author
Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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