How ROBOX is Promoting STEM and Robotics in Schools

How ROBOX is Promoting STEM and Robotics in Schools

Robotics in education is a great trend.

With technology integration and advancement in every sphere it is important to keep our students updated and familiar with new technology and its efficient use.

Essentially, a robot is a mechanical device that can be programmed to follow a set of instructions. The robot has a processing unit, sensors to perceive its environment, and motors and actuators to move its limbs or wheels. It may speak, make other sounds, or flash with lights and colors in response to the environment as per instructions. Robots need the ability to follow programmed instructions and not just be controlled remotely. Educators around the globe are still exploring the benefits of integrating robotics in education whereas in many parts the pedagogy has taken a fair share of usability.

There are a lot of ways to introduce robotics to your classroom. It can be in the form of joining some online community or introducing robotics kits to the class for real time learning. For instance, an exercise in which students program a robot to measure and display distance is a great first instructional lesson—it’s something teachers instinctually understand and is relatively easy to design the curriculum for.

In this post, I want to introduce one such learning package that can help you take student engagement to another level.

From a Singapore based global STEM education leader, ROBOX is a self-paced, holistic, experiential learning package which helps the students to work on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) concepts through practical, hands on & sequential approach. ROBOX is a flagship product of Jay Robotix catering the skills for young students of 21st Century and Working with a strong vision of making research and innovation a way of education across the world.

A ROBOX Lab consists of various types of building blocks, motors, sensors, Robobrain, Roboguru and detailed curriculum. It adopts a unique learning pedagogy in the form of activities & extracurricular projects. ROBOX is well supported by a detailed yearlong curriculum, lesson plans, video tutorials, a 3D video game like animation driven programming simulator & software, assessment worksheets for the students to work on.

They also equip school labs to run continuous year around training program. The entire program is linked with academic concepts, which the students learn in their schools and under this program they take up assessments on the practical projects on which they work on. The vision of the program is to establish a fun, joyful & vibrant atmosphere in the classes and bring out innovative skills in young students. With hands on Robox students get lesson plans, video tutorials, a 3D video game like animation driven programming simulator & software, assessment worksheets to work on. Students will be subjected to a unique way of learning as part of this program.

Advantages of ROBOX Lab:

  • Robox Lab brings up & encourages initiatives such as Skill Ddevelopment, Smart Education, Practical Learning.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship & Creativity at schools.
  • Association of International bodies to the School.
  • ROBOX Lab program, combined with yearly competitions, periodic assessments will create enthusiasm among students, develop a sense of belonging to the schools.
  • Provides opportunity to school students to participate in live Robotics Competitions at National & International Level, internship opportunity at world class international Universities and Companies along with various fellowships & grants.

Awards and Recognition of ROBOX Lab:

  • Associated with iCarnegie, subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University & Robotics Academy for ROBOX Workshops.
  • ROBOX Labs are first ever continuous and comprehensive lab to work Ruth govt. schools etc.
  • BEST STEM SOLUTION Award, by Leaders Speak Education Summit, Awarded by Minister of HRD & MSME, Union Govt. OF INDIA in New Delhi, Dec-2015.
  • Jay Robotix has been identified as an innovative company by Union Govt. of INDIA, Make in India.
  • Robox and its range of products were invited to exhibit at Make in India exhibition, 2015.
  • Partnered with Government of Singapore to deploy Robotics Based Education programs in all MOE Schools as a part of IDA Singapore's Smart Nation initiatives.

What’s your take on integration of robotics in education and what do you feel about Robox? Do you think you should have a ROBOX Lab in your school?

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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