4 Sites You Must Explore to Write Notes While Watching Videos for Learning

2) VideoANT with the purpose of providing a platform on which students and teachers view videos and annotate those videos. This platform helps you to play your specified video and while watching you and your students can make comments alongside the video. The collaborative feature of the platform is amazing. You can easily create a group without having all members to sign up in the platform. Annotations are archived and emailed to the user once you’ve completed the whole process. This platform works with YouTube videos. You can simply copy the link or explore your YouTube account on this platform and access your video directly. To work with the group, send them the VideoANT link, unlike the first tool, MoocNote, your collaborators do not need to have a VideoANT account to participate in the annotation process with you.  


Paste the URL of the video or ANT as they call it. Load it and you’r good to go with it.


On the right panel, give your video the title and explanation you want to.


Make notes and comments on the right panel and save them.


With the group icon on right side panel next to your user name you can easily add a group or create from this very option to collaborate and work together easily.

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