4 Sites You Must Explore to Write Notes While Watching Videos for Learning


3) Vibby

This tool that allows educators to more seamlessly integrate video into their lessons. User can create great Vibs (the segmented video) from existing videos from YouTube according to the requirement. Users simply have to drag the URL’s of YouTube videos and paste them to Vibby Editor to cut short the segment you want. It can be used to highlight, discuss, and share the best parts of any video. Break the parts of lengthy videos that are important to you and demand your focus. Highlight the section and add comment or put questions for the convenience. Directly share the Vibs that you create across the social media or embed on your blog.

Register and login to your Vibby account to create engaging “Vibs” that can add so much more to your classrooms.


Simply paste the link or browse YouTube from Vibby itself and select the video you want to use. 


Highlight a part of the video you want to use and if you want to use the full video start highlighting from the very beginning. Add a title for your video. Save it.


Comment on the left corner panel only. Click on the “next” button on the right.


Name your “Vib” and you can also chose a category if you want. Save your Vib.


Your Vib is created. The link to your Vib is displayed on bottom of the page in the link bar. Share that link from there. You can download this Vib of yours or embed it in your blog directly from your Vibby page.

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