4 Sites You Must Explore to Write Notes While Watching Videos for Learning

4) VideoNot.es

After loading any video from YouTube it divides your screen in 2 parts on the left side you can watch the video whereas on the right you can create notes easily. The platform integrates with your Google drive. The notes that you make can be synced on Google drive so that you wont lose your notes. The platform allows you to share your notes and collaborate on your notes just as you do with Google docs.


Paste the URL of the video you want to make notes on. The on/off button on the right side to for syncing the notes.


Make notes on the right side while watching the video.


Save notes from the 3rd icon above the notepad. This needs to be done incase you are not auto-syncing your notes. You can manage your notes from the note editor that is the 2nd icon on the editor or directly from your Google drive incase you have synced them already.  


Click on the share icon on the extreme right. This window appears where the link appears. Also you can directly send the notes and videos to your Gmail contacts.

Is there any other tool that you use to make notes while learning from videos? Share with us in the comment box below!


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