“SmartSpeak Books” – Emerging Need for Preschools

“SmartSpeak Books” – Emerging Need for Preschools

In search for a pre-school for my daughter, I happened to visit many schools.

Almost all of them sounded the same, until I visited a SmartSpeak Enabled school. Seeing the little ones in groups who were totally engaged and involved with books, I thought of writing this post on my experience and talk with the school.

Observing the level of enthusiasm and interaction of the kids with these books made me curious to find out what was so special about these books. So I went to the junior wing incharge of the school to enquire about these books.

Me: Ma’am, I was keen to know about the books your school has chosen for the pre-schoolers?

Junior incharge: these are SmartSpeak books, which talk, speak and interact with kids; designed and developed by T3Translife Pvt. Ltd.

Me: ma’am what is special about these books?

Junior incharge: SmartSpeak books provide multi-sensory learning through the unique combination of touch, sound and vision. Since the regular books involve only vision & speech, the child tends to loose interest and attention. On the other hand, SmartSpeak books engages child’s multi-senses; vision, touch, sound & speech. The child gets more involved in learning, remains interested and attentive for a longer span of time. Moreover multi-sensory stimulation leads to better brain development.

Me: ma’am when did you include these books in your school curriculum?

Junior incharge: it’s been more then two sessions now since we introduced these books in our school. With this latest technology, the kids are being benefited in their overall skill development and Multiple Intelligence. Teachers are Also finding these books and the smart reader very effective and supportive tool to teach phonic sound, pronunciation, poems & rhymes with proper intonation and voice modulation, conduction group sessions for interactive games and story-telling, and many more. It is evident that children these days are gradually loosing interest in books as they are more attracted towards digital gadgets for seeking information and playing games, and are also being badly affected by their harmful radiations, which are emitted even by the smart boards. This is the reason why I personally feel that SmartSpeak books smart books are a need of the hour, so that the love and passion for books among the children can be revived.

Moreover in today’s fast paced world where spending quality time with kids is a challenge for working parents, SmartSpeak books & reader fosters independent learning and reading habit at an early age.

Me: This really sounds amazing but as a parent do I need to pay more ?

Junior incharge: Although technology up gradation always cost an amount for schools but for parents we have kept it highly affordable.

smartspeak books

My perception about early education entirely changed. I wish all schools have this advantage to make children smarter. 

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