Reasons Why School Students Should Know ROBOX

Science and math are part of every institution’s curriculum but often we see that students don’t tend to enjoy the same. Getting into technicalities and intricacies of each aspect without any hands on experience make it really irksome for students.

A creative approach is needed where students get to learn hands on thus making learning enjoyable for them.

The advantage of integrating robotics in education is it’s likability among the students. We are leading a generation who obsess over the Transformer Series and have a fad to come up with something like that in the real life. Considering this, it is important to provide students with such learning experiences that make sense to them.

In our search for finding such learning experiences across India we found out about JayRobotix, which is doing a great job in the same field by building products that can be used to establish STEM Labs at schools, deploy & run various robotics based educational programs. On inquiring, we found that the program serves as a wonderful opportunity for the young students to identify their areas of interest, develop, nurture & choose their future course of study accordingly. The analytic & assessment systems of the program will give an opportunity to the teachers & parents to guide the students on the right path. With a vision to establish a fun, joyful & vibrant atmosphere in the classes they help bring out the innovative skills in the young students through ROBOX STEM Labs, along with a well-supported yearlong curriculum from Grades 3 to 10, lesson plans, video tutorials, a 3D video gaming like software.

Here are some of the reasons that schools and students should be using ROBOX:

Reuses the existing infrastructure:

ROBOX Labs is a unique concept which leverages the school’s existing computer lab and turns it into an advanced Robotics programming lab to help students learn the theory and then put it to practice. Schools love it because they can transform their existing computer lab into a high-end Robotics Lab. And since robotics is not a structured subject the flexibility quotient is very high. There are no strict ‘dos and don'ts’ and no strictly defined ways to solve a problem. Each student is free to tackle the problem in their own way as long as a solution is found. This interests the kids and hones their innovative capability.

Robotics helps students to excel in Academics:

The engaging approach to learning is the core of the robotics educational philosophy. Students learn by hands–on activities using robotic technology and watch their creations come alive. Such activities develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills and along with it they learn to define a problem and analyze it; Find relevant information by research or study, and process it; generate, interpret, evaluate and select alternatives. In order to develop these qualities we need students to be the active learners. This can be achieved by  recognizing  the  changing  role  of  technology  and  introducing  robotics  at  the  K-12  level itself,  to  help  strengthen  the  quality  of  active  learning  by  showing  students  the  connection between  theory  and  practical  applications.

Builds strong foundation and strengthens the fundamentals:

As the program is available right from kindergarten, integrating the same from the very beginning helps kids in building a strong foundation and strengthens the fundamentals. And having a strong foundation leads to better outcomes and clarity for the future plans. The aim is to cultivate the habit of problem solving and to come up with ideas among students which eventually help them to explore, come out of their shells and explore about their individual caliber and interests.  

Builds technological, life, analytical and logical building skills:  

The concept of robotics is such that requires a building approach and strategy. This building strategy is not just required in terms of block building but requires the student to put various skills to use and come out with a solution. These skills can be creative thinking, critical thinking, analytical skills, logical skills and many as such. And speaking of technology, it’s needless to say the importance it holds in the times we are living. Anything that builds and strengthens the technological knowledge of the students is good for them to lead in the present and coming times and certainly robotics does cater to that need.    

About ROBOX:

ROBOX is the experiential learning package by Jay Robotix which includes RoboGuru, RoboBrain, Building Blocks and an Activity Book. The Activity Book includes a wide range of experiments which stimulate young learners  to  understand  a  variety  of  concepts  of  science,  math  and  engineering  in  an  exciting  and practical way,  incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach.  Building Blocks  helps  the  students  to perform  the  experiments in  the  activity book  and  build  the  basic  machines.  They  are  used  in conjunction  with  each  other  to  allow  students  to  experience  the  laws  of  nature,  science  and math that are all around us and affect everything we do. RoboGuru and RoboBrain introduce the students to ‘programming’ with the help of which intelligence can be added to the machines they build. As we can see, ROBOX as a whole package introduces students to a wide range of subjects-and leads them towards the path that helps them to discover their aptitude and the area where their interest lies. 

Share your take on the integration of robotics in the field of education and your experiences with ROBOX in the comment section below. 

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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