Business Games for Kids Every Parent Must Explore

Business Games for Kids Every Parent Must Explore

It’s important to instill kids with the right knowledge about the various career options they have.

Although, kids can pursue jobs in endless fields, special efforts are needed to help them understand about the concept of business. Needless to say, games are every kid’s favorite to learn about anything. Below is a list of games that you can make your kids play and help them develop that knowledge base that one needs to understand about the concept of business.

1. Lemonade Stand

The game requires user to make the maximum money in a span of 30 days. The course of action is to start a business of own by opening a lemonade stand. The concept of the game is very inclusive as it gives complete charge of the business to the user. The user gets to understand the concept of demand and supply and get into it virtually. User will have complete control over the business, including pricing, quality control, inventory control, and purchasing supplies. They have to deal with the weather, which can be unpredictable. Considering the nature of the product, the weather will play a big part when customers are deciding whether or not to buy your product. Other factors which will make or break your business are the price you charge, customers’ satisfaction, popularity, goodwill (which will grow overtime). This game can really get kids into action as it engages them completely.    

2. Be Your Own Boss

This is one fun game. User gets to pick a business of their choice among 3 options. Created by PBS Kids, players are tasked with creating one of three different types of business: a dog walking service, a comic book publisher, or a car washing service.  This perfect online entrepreneurship game introduces wary adults to the wonders of educational gaming. It’s a straightforward game that covers funding, writing a business plan, distribution, and a lot more. This free game can be played in less than an hour and offers a nice overview of entrepreneurial concepts.

3. Monopoly

This is one classic game. At some point, everyone has played this game. Now available digitally, the game is fun like before and gives a fair introduction of business concept to players. The intent of the game is the same where player has to run the opponents off of the board using the ability to gather properties and charge rent.

4. Rollercoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster Tycoon is all about building and managing a unique theme park. The detail of the game is what makes it such a hit. The user will be dealing with everything from operating income down to the limitations on the traffic. Players are tasked with creating, operating, and managing their own theme parks. Issues that arise in the game include restroom limitations, safety concerns, pedestrian flow, and operating income. Since the game’s release in 1999, players around the world have spent millions of hours running their “own” amusement parks.

5. Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon allows players to create their own completely free-form zoo. Start with fences for exhibits, then pick animals and give them toys, foliage, and anything else player wants. For customers, player can lay down paths to lead them around, then add food stands, amusement rides, even maps and trash cans. It teaches kids what it is really like to run a business, from cash flow to inventory, marketing to fundamental business planning. But it’s all done while they are in an open and engaged environment. If your child has an interest in animals they will love this game.

6. Coffee Shop

Somewhat similar to lemonade stand, The Coffee Shop business game is very easy to learn. Kids start out with "seed money" to launch their business. From the first screen, you can set your price, redesign the coffee recipe, and buy supplies. Once you've set everything up, it's time to start your business day and see how well you do. You can also watch what your customers are thinking as they walk past your coffee cafe. Some may think your price is too high, or that your coffee doesn't have enough milk. By paying attention to customers, managing your supplies and pricing your coffee right, you can encourage customers to keep coming back for more. At the end of each day, you receive feedback about how many cups of coffee you sold as well as customer feedback. This game teaches children the value of paying close attention to what people expect in order to give them what they want so that they value what you have to offer above your competition.

7. Cookie Tycoon

With Cookie Tycoon, Kids practice running their business in the form of a free online business simulation game. In this simulation, you buy ingredients to make the cookies that you're going to sell, but you also hire and fire employees - adding a whole new level to the business experience. The game walks you through the process with a convenient wizard, so learning how to play the game is very simple and fast. You can watch as your customers enter the store, buy cookies and then leave. Keep a close eye on their thoughts as they leave the store, because the customers will let you know whether or not your cookies are any good. At the end of every day, you receive a full report of the cost of making the cookies and all of your overhead (like employees), the total sales that you made and then your overall profits. This game is also fun because as each day goes by your shop will improve. The chef and employees gain experience, and you can upgrade the appearance of your shop, which also increases sales.

What’s your take on games that help kids develop the business sense? Are there any other games that you are familiar with?

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