Things You Should Know About Video and Lecture Capture

Things You Should Know About Video and Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is a comprehensive solution that enables the colleges to automatically record the lectures delivered in the classrooms.

These lectures are beyond the audio video recordings and includes screen capture, additional course content and other value-add features. The solution is packaged with a wide array of software, system capabilities, and hardware options. Many schools in India are implementing these systems to provide students with greater convenience if they miss the class or simply want to catch up on course content. As an additional benefit, captured lectures often form part of online or blended course development.

The best part of lecture capture is that it enhances and extends existing instructional activities, whether in face-to-face, fully online, or blended learning environments. It works especially well in subject areas where students benefit from repeated viewing of content, as when complex information is discussed or formulas are written on a board. The video-on-demand portion of lecture capture allows students to closely examine the steps of a demonstrated procedure or stop and focus on important actions in a science experiment. Lecture capture may enable freer thinking students who find themselves struck by a particular comment or point can pursue that line of thought, confident that the lecture itself can be reviewed later.

Below are few pointers that will help you understand the importance, purpose and why we must incorporate this technology in institutions:

1. Curated Content

As we see eLearning pacing up, video lectures are a big hit. And the better thing is the ability to curate the entire course content. With various tools, educators can record the lectures or the lessons they have prepared based on the level of the students and customize them accordingly. Students can then consume them at their own pace and gradually inculcate the subject being taught.

2. Provides Backup Content

With video lectures, students who have missed the classes don’t have to miss the lesson. These recorded lessons are just the same as they are in the classes. Students can access the same lesson that is being taught in classroom in the form of a video resource and make the most of it. These systems provide convenience for students, offering remarkable flexibility with course timetables to coordinate work and study schedules. Students might even be able to take two courses scheduled at overlapping times. However, availability of this technology does not encourage skipping classes without any genuine reason. Most worry that students may cut classes in favor of viewing captured lectures. But if administrated rightly, such concerns can be handled, for example instructors might add group activities during in-class times to supplement the lecture material.

3. Increases Reach

The best part of having the technology introduced in the sector of education is the accessibility it has provided. For people who want to reach out for some specific expert or those who are living in remote areas video lectures are the best option as they convey the information just as one would have done in real time classroom arrangement. This technology adapts to multiple input locations so that instructors or guest speakers can present from any location that has the appropriate recording equipment.

4. Additional Source of Content

And we have all seen those educators who are content specific. So for those this is a blessing as they can make lectures or the additional content they wish their students to know and share it with them.

5. Faculty Development

And some great institutions do focus on the performance of the educators. With the availability of video capture, educators can easily record their lectures and reflect upon their own performance to recognize the fallouts and improve accordingly.

When speaking of Video and Lecture Capture Impartus is a must mention, a leading educational technology which develops innovative products and solutions. The company provides a comprehensive solution offering lecture capture technology as its core feature. Complemented by other cloud based packages such as Live Stream, Flipped Classroom, Video Conferencing, Connected Classroom etc. Impartus provides a complete package for blended learning. The access to the recorded lectures and other material through Impartus portal enables students to relive their classroom experience anywhere anytime. These lectures can be consumed  both on browser as well as mobile apps.

The company provides lecture capture as a turnkey solution and integration compatibility with many popular LMS’. Their video platform for education also works as a feature rich eLearning platform. Other than just recording videos, the platform enables the instructor to enhance the audio/video quality, ensure content security and adaptive distribution. All these are done in an automated fashion and backed with powerful analytics to track the usage.

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