VR Apps that Science Teachers Must Explore Now

Virtual Reality is one technology that has brought a new dimension to the education.

Adopted for teaching and learning, it enables the students to learn in 3D environment. With VR in education, students are being able to present complex data in an accessible way to students which is both fun and easy to learn. Plus these students can interact with the objects in that environment in order to discover more about them.

Students studying Science are the ones with most advantages of this technology in education. Virtual Reality in science makes it possible for students to explore this subject in ways that isn’t possible otherwise. Some examples are study of human body, space, solar systems and more.

Listed below are few Virtual Reality apps that educators must explore.

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1. Elements 4D by DAQRI

Science-specific apps are easily available, but Elements 4D may be the most unique. This is a chemistry app that helps students learn about elements and their chemical reactions, what’s different here comes in the form of templates for DIY, print-and-fold paper dice. Each side is printed with the symbol for one of 36 elements. Just roll the dice, then — using a device’s camera — watch an augmented, animated version of the compound that’s created and its chemical equation.


2. Discovery VR

Discovery Virtual Reality can take you to new worlds like never before, immersing you in time, space and story. In this exhilarating new space the app offers shark-infested shipwrecks to free boarding the windiest street in the world — with much more to come.


3. Anatomyou

Anatomyou is a perfect immersive 3D-stereo app to learn human body’s anatomy. The app shows on a mobile device and virtual immersive 3D navigation the anatomical structures of various systems of the human body. The app is great for students learning biology as it helps them look beyond the books and screens and get in depth knowledge of the subject and concepts.


4. Chemistry VR

Chemistry VR uses the Cardboard Magnet to move forward and select your chosen chemical elements. All the elements of the Mendeleev table are available.

Students are to find the required chemical elements to create compounds like water.


5. InCell  

In a multi-coloured unique micro-world action-cum-racing game takes place, which recreates the anatomy of a human cell in impressive detail, giving it an educational angle. Players ride along capillaries and connections as they take in inner space. The depth and scaling of the scenes really makes the experience worthwhile.

PLATFORM: Android, iOS

6. InMind VR

InMind allows the player to experience the journey into the patient's brains in search of the neurons that cause mental disorder. Submerge into the microworld and experience the miracles of the human mind. The future is nigh. The humanity is standing upon the brink of a new era where modern healthcare makes tremendous scientific advancements. With the help of nanotechnologies a surgical prototype bathyscaphe allows its operator to shrink to a micro level and travel inside the patient's body.

PLATFORM: Android, iOS

7. Cardio VR

Cardio VR is a game that will let you enter a virtual reality doctor’s surgery where you will have to search for your patient’s ailment using x-ray vision. Cardio is a fun, child-friendly and gender-neutral immersive experience. There is no win or lose, just come and enjoy the surgery.

PLATFORM: Android, iOS

8. Titans of Space

This application takes you through the Solar System, and then takes you beyond that. The primary aim is to gain new perspective on what our universe actually looks like by taking advantage of the increased spatial awareness made possible by modern VR. All planetary bodies are relatively toy-sized, shrunk down to 1 millionth of their actual size, which means you will see Earth as a 12.7-meter-wide holographic ball, or the size of a small house. The tour is self-paced, and customizable through a multitude of options. During the tour, help and options are available to indicate all the different things you can do.


9. Body VR for Beginners

Human Body is amazing, and so this app will take you into a journey through the human body in Virtual Reality. The Body VR for Beginners app is the virtual reality human anatomy app crafted for everyone who wants to understand Human Body. With Daydream controller, User can zoom in and rotate the body to observe and comprehend anatomical structures with our medically accurate human models based on actual MRI and CT scans. This version includes skeleton system, muscular system and major organs.


10. Virtual Reality Moon

On this free (but heavily ad-supported) trip, you're instantly transported to the moon's surface, where you can see both Earth and the International Space Station in the distance. You can also walk around, though this requires either a gamepad or a viewer that has an action button.

PLATFORM: Android, iOS

Mention the apps you use in the comment section below. 

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