Key Factors of the Australian EdTech Market

Key Factors of the Australian EdTech Market

Australia ranks fifth in terms of delivering quality outbound tertiary international learning space.

The primary reason why this destination is so attractive for international learners is because it offers quality education. In the global front, Australia is well-known for its education institutions that retains quality assurance frameworks and it is indeed praiseworthy.

At present, the education sector in Australia is focusing on reforms that will helps in delivering nationwide literacy and numeracy testing and the online resource. Right now the Australian government is also trying to fund for reforms which will remove big challenges and create a need-based funding mechanism. This will help in achieving sustainable and continuous reform and improvement in schools.

Australia as a key player in the EdTech Market

Australian educators were very clear with why they have encouraged EdTech in their learning process. The Australian government was also quick in understanding the benefits of EdTech so it supported the use of technology in Australian schools.

Educational technology in Australia has impacted the 21’st century learning process in many ways; let’s hear what Dan Haesler has to say on it in the video below.

1. Introducing professional development opportunities for teachers - it is a time when the developed countries were moving from traditional chalk and talk set-up. From the students perspective the children are getting disengaged with educational material. So to capture the attention of students and offer value to the learning process, it was important to introduce a paradigm shift in the education sector. The developed nations like US were already using EdTech and sealed the existing gap in education sector.

In this area, the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) transformed the educational thinking and practice at NBCS and in the wider educational community by designing a range of programs and research projects. Such programs and innovative steps helped in transforming the educational thinking and practice. Check more on interaction of education technology in learning process in the video below.

2. Introducing Digital Education Revolution (DER) - this step brings in a parity in the use of small device technology. Such initiative has helped in placing technology in the hands of students who could otherwise not afford to purchase technology. Through DER, the students could access educational apps, augmented reality, 3D printing, geo-spatial technologies etc.

This step has helped the tech savvy teachers play with technology and allow the tech savvy teachers play with technology and sync it in the learning process to attract the students’ attention. Classes have become more engaging and motivating for the students.

3. Edtech has helped change the Course evaluation process - by introducing technology in the education sector of Australia, it is fast modifying the ways by which course evaluation are delivered, collected and analyzed. In the process it is also supplementing course evaluation process by making it deeper than before and more actionable.

With the extensive use of technology, educators are now able to quickly close the course evaluation feedback loop faster than ever before. Secondly, the digital technology is also enabling educators to gather qualitative data mining through the process of open-ended learner feedback. Thirdly, with technology integration today, course evaluators can fast combine both summative and formative evaluation.

To conclude the Australian education technology sector is structured, well placed and is fast growing. The country has already had a strong tie with Asia pacific and with education sector becoming stronger than before, it would continue to attract talents across the world to pursue their higher education in this destination. 

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