How This Video-Based Learning Platform Can Give an Edge to Your Institution

How This Video-Based Learning Platform Can Give an Edge to Your Institution

Higher education is today facing a “perfect storm” of change, as Jeff Selingo, the top editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education, termed it.

Most of it is created by the pressures of economics and technology and prominent observers place video based learning, near the eye of that storm.

A study of college undergraduates shows that the use of interactive video in a learning environment, significantly increased learner’s performance and satisfaction, as compared to the traditional classroom environment. Moreover, integrating video based learning enhance learning outcomes by directing student motivation, increased engagement, learning on individual’s pace and by harnessing the power of storytelling.

There are many reasons why video based learning and lecture capture is the pick for most leading universities who are leveraging its impact on learning, to grow their brand. And for many reasons including rich features, seamless deployments, extensive support etc., Impartus is their first choice.

In one of our past post, “Case Study: Practicing Video-Enabled Learning in a Higher Ed Institution” we shared some case studies of practitioners sharing their experiences with video enabled learning. In one of this case, Dr. Purushottam Bung, Director, Karnataka Law Society Institute of Management Education and Research (KLS IMER) shared, “While we offer our students state-of-the-art infrastructure, we were on the look-out for a solution which would help us extend the classroom learning beyond college hours. When we embarked upon Impartus solution, we found it to be just the right fit for us.”

In this post, we will dig deeper and focus on how this tool can help the institution in various aspects. Video platforms like Impartus, enable colleges & universities to create, manage and deliver videos and related learning content. Its product suite offers easy & seamless integration with their existing LMS. There could be various use cases where videos are helping the institutions. Impartus can help with all. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is one of the popular solutions that enables colleges to automatically record lectures and professor’s desktop based on the timetable. The students can consume these lectures either live or on-demand from a browser or through mobile applications. Multiple combinations of video sources from different type of cameras with different views can be recorded as the course demands.

2. Virtual Classroom

Provides a perfect platform to extend the classroom for online students attending from a remote location, saves time and money for institution. This also provides an opportunity to get in touch with the experts and host guest lectures to make sure students are getting the best of learning.  There can be real time interaction with students through video conferencing, live chat and poll. It also moderate sessions with hand raise feature.

3. Live Streaming

The option to live stream expands the reach of the institution beyond the physical boundaries. Students and other audience can watch live lectures from anywhere. These live sessions are available on desktops, tablets, mobile devices etc. which make it very convenient for the students. Educators can live stream classroom lectures, auditorium sessions and conferences.

4. Flipped classroom  

The tool enables professors to record, edit, host, and publish course content. The feature of multiple camera and screen share support makes it easier for educators to demonstrate objects, equipment etc while recording the lectures. Educators can edit Videos and preview before publishing the lectures. Also, upload additional content such as word documents, presentations etc. to review, before the class.

5. Lecture Video Library

Complete video capturing solution through multiple applications along with Video CMS to manage videos, helps colleges to set up their own online digital libraries. There may be restricted, paid and open distribution of content along with adaptive and secure video delivery solution.

Impartus offers all the above solutions with rich media, VCMS, and Collaborative Learning Features.

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Some key benefits of the Video-enabled learning are:

For Students - One of the key benefits for the students is to revise their lectures anytime especially before exams. Watching the video multiple times with an ability to pause and resume increases the concept retention and helps them in deep subject understanding and therefore it improves their grades. Effectively students never miss a class, in somehow they are not able to attend the school they can watch the lecture anytime.

For Teachers - It’s an excellent tool for teachers to get a self instructional feedback and therefore getting a huge opportunity to improve their teaching styles. Teachers can now collaborate effectively using the platform, therefore improving the Student-Teacher Interaction.

For Institute - The scalable solution certainly gives them an edge, improving their branding. Both the professors and students contented with the platform helps in better learning, making student acquisition better. Management has access to several reports to measure and track the outcomes and to make sure their goals are getting met.

The way we see technology moving in the education sector acknowledging the fast-paced innovations, this one tool can help you with all the institution needs by giving you a competent edge in the ever changing nature of technology, making education what it needs to be in the 21st century, “effective and efficient”.   

Click here to learn how video enabled learning can change the education delivery of your institute and differentiate your brand. If you are already on board with Impartus, do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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