5 Videos on Future of Learning

5 Videos on Future of Learning

Education is changing at a drastic pace and clearly this has aroused the interest in people as to how would the future of learning be like, what factors would rule the learning space and how would our future classroom look like?

Well, to explain all these queries, here we have listed down five videos on ‘future of learning.’ Take a look at them and please do not forget to voice your opinion on the topic in the comment box.

Education in the future: VR and AR

How will the modern technologies like Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality change the scenario of education in future? The video below will give you a view of it in detail.

The Future of Learning-Perspectives

Let’s hear to various educators on what they believe will be the future of learning and also understand why they feel so? The video throws a light on the future of learning from various perspective.

Technology in Education - A Future Classroom

With deployment of advanced technology in education, we will find our classrooms transforming to a great extent and to get a glimpse of how it would look like, take a look at it in the video below.

The Future of Learning

The future of learning is clearly going to be different from what it is now and to get an insight on it is going to change from the video below.

STEM learning and its Relevance in Future

Let’s hear it what, why and how will STEM learning is going to shape the learning of future? Also get an understanding of the relevance of STEM learning in future.

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