Planning to Create Green Screen Videos? Check Out These Tools

Planning to Create Green Screen Videos? Check Out These Tools

Today, digital creation plays a vital role in making learning process in general or inside the classroom interactive and engaging.

For the educators, making use of the Green Screen Video works as a great reference tool in pedagogical process. And for the learners’ the use of green screen, can help them make projects more fun, interesting and effective.

From some time now, green screen was only an effective tool for the video editors who would add a variety of visual effects to their videos. But now the good news is, you, me or anyone can create engaging clips and presentations with the help of tools that is specifically designed to create green screen videos all-too-easy.

Let’s check out some tools using which users can easily create green screen videos no matter if they possess the qualities of a professional cinematographer or not.

  1. Green Screen By Do Ink

It is a tool which guides one to create green screen videos and images directly on the iPad. So, one can easily tell a story or explain an idea and express oneself in creative and unique ways. As it contains all the essential features required to make green screen videos such as use of live video camera or recording videos in high definition or for that matter capture still images to be used in the video and many other features to name all, so the video output created with the help of this tool turns up professional like.

Using this tool is not only easy but a fun filled experience for anyone. Users will enjoy the experience to express oneself in a unique and captivating way.

In order to use this tool, get an idea of it from the video mentioned below

  1. Hands- On Green Screen Movie Effects

It is an App that makes use of special effects known as Chroma Key to help users replace the standard green screen with various immersive images. It generally comes with a stage and black background. But it comes with an option to download the designed backgrounds also.

The best part of this tool is that, users can sync their voice with the video and allowing the user to use it in other editing software.

In order to get a demo of what you as a user can do with the help of this application, check out the video below.

  1. Green Screen Movie FX

It is an App that helps in creating videos by including in it powerful special effects similar to what it is seen in Hollywood movie clips. The beauty of the tool is that, users can keep a control on how they wish to include the special effects in the videos and this is why, this app is little different from any other FX applications. Therefore, with this tool, users could simply shoot the main video and thereafter add as many special effects as they wish to include in their videos.

Based on how the user wants to place the FX clips, they can easily arrange them in a systematic order either in front or behind the actual video.

In order to get started with Green Screen Movie FX studio Quick Start, please check the video below.

  1. Veescope Live

This feature packed tool helps user to create green screen videos easily. This production tool is designed for chroma keying, video monitoring and offering special effects to shot visualizations. In addition it also offers high and low level Zebra patterns. Due to the tool’s flexibility, users can work with any Quicktime Live video feeds such as the iSight camera, firewire DV camcorder and high-definition broadcast video source.

In order to learn how to use Veescope to create green screen videos, check out the video below.

We would be delighted to know your feedback on creating Green Screen Video or any other App that you have used personally other than the one we had mentioned above. So please do not forget to comment in the box provided below.

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