Why Blended Models Are Essential To Teach Students The Core Values

We all know that blended models allow the educators to experiment in their classroom as they can use different strategies to bring the best out of their students.

It is the perfect mix of traditional teaching while making the best use of technology as per the classroom needs. As I mentioned in my other article, defining the blended learning environment there are few points that can’t be missed out on. The model makes use of technology which is essential but the purpose of integrating the same is even more important. The term blended has to bring balance to maintain the teaching equilibrium focusing on the individual needs of the students and keeping the engagement intact. The “Blended Learning Environment” utilizes both on-line and face to face learning activities.

What makes this model essential to teach students the core values like consistency, achievement, service, persistency, responsibility, kindness and more such is that it acknowledges the importance of traditional teaching which involves real time communication and not just virtual mediums.

There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized the way we learn and teach for better but no technology can ever replace a teacher.

Bailey Thomson, Director of School Operations for SPARK Schools with 11 schools (and plans to expand again in 2018) in South Africa gave a talk at TEDxJohannesburg about the significance of teaching core values to students. Based on the talk the following points will help you understand how blended learning plays an important role in inculcating the core values with students.

- The importance of being persistence and not giving up on one’s tasks/goals speaks of them in huge amounts. Integrating technology and working on blended models is one way to teach kids about the importance of this value. There are a lot of technologies that require students to work on their assigned tasks daily I order to excel in one particular thing.

- Achievement is the best feeling when you earn something with your hard work. I remember speaking to a friend who is a teacher for kindergarten. She mentioned how little ones have to earn the “stars” which actually are stickers. The kids are instilled with this feeling from the very beginning that things don’t come easy and they have to work for them. Same is the scenario with edtech solutions. There are various platforms that are being used by educators that use this methodology to keep students motivated. Especially in gamification we can see this kind of feature where students thrive to earn a badge or reach the next level.    

- Responsibility is one value that strikes me the most. To instill students with this one value it is essential that they also get the authority and ownership of their learning. Responsibility always comes with a little authority and hence this can be observed under the blended models. Blended learning usually requires the students to take ownership of their learning on their LMS and come out with innovative ideas to present them in classroom. In this part, the educator plays the major role where educators have to give up the control and share some of the authority with their students.

- Service is to be willing to help others. And who have not experiences tech hitches in the classroom?

This is one crucial value that is reflected among students when the peers’ needs assistance with anything they don’t understand be it online or offline. Students are willing to help their students and that is one good point to be taken in account when talking of the blended learning environment.

It seems that because blended learning requires a joint effort of educators, students and technology, inculcating values becomes an engaging thing for all. 

Watch out her talk below:

What according to can be the best way to help students gain the core values when we are operating mostly on technology?

Share with us in the comment section below. 

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