Apps For Educators Using Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the new thing for educators.

Google has always been a part of the classroom but with its dedicated platform for classroom things are a lot more effective now. Educators around the globe are using Google Classroom and the list below showcases 5 tools that you can integrate with Google Classroom.

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1. Alma

The benefits of this integration includes reduced friction for educators comfortable working in the Google Classroom environment, as well as the benefit for students of being able to continue to submit assignments in Classroom. Using this tool teachers can synchronize assignments, grades and more easily. Also, students have instant access to important learning tools and materials without having to wait for their software to catch up. The student and parent portal contains clear links to each Google Classroom to help students easily access their classes, so teachers can maximize instruction time and productivity and reduce the need to help students access their Classroom and assignments.

Check out the video below for better understanding of the mix.

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2. PearDeck

Watch Pear Deck's how-to video below to get an idea of how this actually works. With Pear Deck, the integration lets teachers import a class roster and then invite and track each student as they join the Pear Deck class session from their own device. Pear Deck integrated in Google Classroom can easily import your roster. Students use their devices to follow along with the teacher's slideshow on a classroom screen. Throughout, teachers can pause at points where they've added questions. There are five interactive question types -- drawing, "Draggable" (for matching quizzes), text, number, or multiple choice. Teachers can view students' responses to these questions immediately, as well as post the results anonymously on-screen for all students to see.

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3. GoGuardian Teacher

It allows teachers to mirror the classrooms they've set up in Classroom, syncing student enrollment, class period, and subject across platforms. Students and teachers can benefit even more from their Chromebooks with streamlined setup and use.

Watch the video below to understand more of the integration:

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4. Actively Learn

Teachers can assign a reading lesson directly from the Actively Learn site to a class in Google Classroom. After grading an assignment in Actively Learn, teachers can then publish the grades to Classroom. Moving with ease between Classroom and a subject-specific or teacher tool -- and then back again – it allows teachers to use a variety of apps and sites while knowing their student info is saved and up to date.

Watch out the video below to clear out the hues and get a better understanding:

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5. CK12

When teachers find something they want to share, it's easy to click the Share button, choose a class, and then share the content as an assignment or announcement to students. The Share button is typically grouped among the usual selection of social media icons; the same types of content that you've been able to share on Twitter or Facebook can now be shared into Classroom in the same way. For example, teachers can share activities from CK-12, just like they would on social.

Check this video below to understand more:

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So educators using Google Classroom make sure you try the tools mentioned above and share which other tools can benefit educators when incorporated with Google Classroom.

Also, share your experiences of various tools with Google classroom in the comment section below.

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