Characteristics of a Next-Gen Teaching-Learning Space

Characteristics of a Next-Gen Teaching-Learning Space

Heading into the 21st century the transformation in the classroom will be prominent.

The traditional chalk and talk will be nonexistent and the new ways of teaching and learning will be reflected. A next gen learning space will not be limited to the four walls of a room but will extend further enabling students and teachers to get it touch with like-minded people across the globe and make the best of the learning.

Few features that will be a must are collaboration, personalized learning, mobility, reach, ability to communicate and get the right information. Integration of technology as to bring effectiveness and efficiency in classroom will be prominent too.

The points mentioned below are the key takeaways of my research on “Next-Gen Teaching-Learning Spaces”. These points will help you get a better insight on what all will be needed as to make sure you, your class and your students are future ready.

1. Connectivity  

Web Connectivity is going to be crucial for the smart classrooms we will need in coming times. The whole content and application is web based and technology enabled instruction is what there is going to be. Also, web connectivity paves way to get in touch with experts across the globe so it would be essential that every student has the right access to web as to make the best of their learning time.

2. Mobile Learning

Learning in a four-walled classroom will never be out but the learning won’t be limited to it. It will pounce and come out, reach, extend and spread across where the learner will be. And this will be done with the help of technology. Like out calls were made portable with the change in our phones, similarly education will be made available to wherever you are. Also, one thing that will be prominent is personalized learning that will come along with mobile learning making sure students are being able to learn on their pace without having to bear the loss of not being present in classroom or compromising on their learning goals or other goals that they have set.   

3. Ease for The Teachers

The next gen classrooms will give ease to teachers in regard to their responsibility various classroom duties which are often time consuming and push a lot of key activities at back. With technology enabled solutions educators are being able to focus on other key things or indulge in other activities with students as to make learning more enriching for them.

4. Co-Created Opportunities

Learners play an active role in shaping their experiences while owning their educational outcomes. Collaborative opportunities with peers, the wider community, and industry ensure access to the highest quality human resources to support learning.

5. Time, Talent, and Technology Enabled

An assessment of current state is required to maximize support for the district or school’s vision and identified learning approach. Intentional redesign that supports schedule development, improved recruitment, retention, and utilization of human capital, and leveraging technologies in innovative ways facilitate personalization throughout the organization.

The common thing in all the points mentioned above is the presence of technology in making the classroom experience better for both the teachers and the students. As stepping into a different milestone where things will be revolving around the thought to make every process better and the action is sync to it, the propulsion remains the advancement in technology. We are all are of the present technologies and the new that are coming out every day. With so many options that cater to all the needs what we look for is something that can help us make our operations better with minimum change of supported devices/techs being used and gives effective outcome.

One such device is “CLIPCLASS”, a smart interactive LED touch panel. These devices connect with your Pc, laptop, tablets, smartphones, MAC and display your presentations. Not just that, the features of these panels goes beyond just showing the presentations. The following points focus on the features of the tool and how using it will cater to the characteristics of a “Next Gen Learning-Teaching Space”.

- They have in-built whiteboard so that teachers can use these screens to explain subject matter to the students if required and this can be done using finger on screen or stylus using multi-color marker. Collaboration is fluid with these screens in use. These panels make sure that the learners in the classroom can collaborate for their various activities and so provides with 10 point touch. Users can write up to ten points touch on white board or panel. Also, the ease of sharing whiteboard screenshots is there as to make sure all learners have the content with them.       

- The user can connect to internet and browse websites as required. The connectivity is seamless and enables the educators to reach out to the experts and make sure that the learner is getting the best.  Also there is an option to display multiple screens so educators teaching intertwined subjects find it of great use. For teachers who are find of integrating multimedia to their content have the option to play HD videos and add annotations on it to customize it or add notes as to make it student friendly.  

- The learning is mobile with the device in place as educators can always record the lecture to share or live stream in real time.     

- Teachers can also project mobile or tablet screen to interactive LED panel. This is a good way to create with ease on one’s smart devices and mirror screen as to help students.

All in all, using CLIP teachers can engage in more creative an interactive learning, students can learn in groups and participate in activity based learning. Teachers can grade students’ Learning performance through a set of the questions, as an individual assignment or in groups.

No more students have to visualize images, the teacher can showcase demonstrate concept on screen, do zoom-in or zoom-out with just a finger touch. And the best part is that CLIP user interface works just in the same way as in smartphones. So don’t worry about the complexities of getting used to the advancement of technology.

Now, we suggest you to give this device some of your time and explore more about it.

Share your views on this device with us in the comment section below.     




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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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