Amazing Ways Teachers Use Padlet

Amazing Ways Teachers Use Padlet

Padlet is a free application to create an online bulletin board so that one can use it to display information for any topic.

Whatever be one’s motive behind using the platform such as collaborate ideas, brainstorming and more, they can use it to its utmost level. No matter what device one is using, they can access this application without any challenge.

This bulletin board is a great place where one can gather ideas, share them and also modify them to organize those cluster of different ideas. Say, on a Padlet note, the user has added an important link, YouTube videos, files and image; they could later arrange them in sequence for better communication purpose. And if they further want to share the link to a Padlet or embed the Padlet links in webpage, they can jolly well do that hassle-free. So it has multiple benefits and this is the reason users not only like it tool but simply love the application!

Now, let’s check out some of the amazing ways in which the teachers have been using it in their pedagogical process in the classroom.

Some teachers have been found to use the application for pre and post assessment to ensure if student are able to recall what they were taught in the previous class and what needs to be taught next. Also, at times when the teachers begin with a new lesson they stop somewhere in the middle of the lesson and ask the students to guess what will happen next. This helps the teacher understand, the comprehension level of each students in the classroom and guide them accordingly.

Let’s see something of similar in the video below where a teacher shows her students how to use Padlet while learning a lesson.

Some teachers make use of this online bulletin board to summarize a large amount of information on subjects like earth science to Math and present them in a visually appealing way such as texts, photos, graphs and other learning tools. Once, done with the explanation, they leave a question on Padlet note for students to answer them based on their comprehension.

And before they host a test or discussion in the classroom to evaluate student’s understanding of the concept, they share the link of the Padlet with the students.

Check how a math teacher is making use of Padlet to evaluate student’s comprehension level on the subject.

  1.       Some educators make use of Padlet as a forum to check what students perceive of a particular topic or issue which educators post on the bulletin board. While using it as a forum, the students are allowed to work either in collaboration or individual. By doing so the teachers’ are able to get an idea on the opinion of the students.

Again, to increase student collaboration, teachers use Padlet as a medium to promote it in the classroom and this is what we see in the video below

  1.  To make storytelling interactive, teachers make use of Padlet by creating a story and asking the students about their views on where the story would go on next. So students can type their ideas into the Padlet to continue the story.
  2.  Some educators use Padlet to understand the students more personally as it is an important area in modern day personalized learning process. Students are provided with a set of question such as personal interest, favorite subject, food habits, favorite sports etc, and this is done right in the beginning of the session.
  3.  Padlet is also used by teachers to communicate with the parents as teachers communicate on what activities they would do during the day and also let parents know how students performed in the different activities. Similarly, parents can post their question regarding upcoming events, school activities or suggest something in return. Hence, the platform not only works as a collaboration tool for teacher-student communication but also for parent-teacher communication too.

So how do you use Padlet in your classroom? Let us know on it through your comments.

And if you have never used it yet, wait no longer!

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