5 Schools that Are Making the Most of AR & VR

5 Schools that Are Making the Most of AR & VR

Gone are the days when the one and only teaching tool was textbooks.

We now live in a world that is tech driven and the computer and tablet technology can help the students immensely in exploring things almost live like never before. Name one technology and you will be actually directed to multiple other technologies that are helping educators to make learning in the classroom exciting, engaging and productive.

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is the new seat of technology in the education that is creating a wave. It has helped to blur the unimaginable line and turn the impossible to possible with its merit. Also, evidences prove that the use of AR and VR offers instant impact on students and recaptures their attention. Further, it also raises engagement, interest level in subject learning areas and increases knowledge retention for all students. Having known such a fact, let’s take a look at 5 schools where AR and VR is showing its favorable outcome.

Sevenoaks School UK- A co-educational day and boarding school in UK, has shared their experience in an article published by The Telegraph.co.uk. They say they are moving out of the traditional method to simply learn subject topics and this was mainly why they had taken a resort to use advanced educational technology- artificial reality. In order to make the best use of artificial reality, they coordinate with other schools and research on technology, experiment their usage pattern and share their findings with the other teachers and other schools. From their first-hand experience, they found this technology perfectly suitable for all the subject or topic. And the school authorities had also found this tool not only an engaging mode but one that allows students to explore, experience and get involved in something from a practical scale; as if they were experiencing it right at that environment or place.

San Francisco Unified School District - This School is the eighth largest school districts in California and they were the first to use the Nearpod VR in their school to plan out lessons. In an article published in the Fortune, mention of their experience about using this tool is quite visible. The school authorities had shared that by using the branded Google cardboards, teachers of this school can actually send their students for a number of virtual filed trip lesson sessions. This helps their students to receive first-person tour of ancient cities or universe and easily pick-up facts of ancient history.

Polk County Public School Florida- This is again a famous district school of Florida-headquartered in Bartow Florida, United States. Mention and experience of this school too appeared along with San Francisco Unified School District in the same column of fortune. The schools are using these technology to instruct across many curricular areas ranging from Math to Science, learning of foreign language to health and physical education.

EON Entrepreneur School- this school headquartered in Irvine, CA is a next generation school which makes maximum use of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to develop next generation technological skills in their students. With the help of this next generation educational tools they help their students to master entrepreneurial skills through Project Based Learning (PBL) on real customer projects.

Chandler Traditional Academy- Independence Campus Arizona - as per an article, it was highlighted that this school is the only East Valley school to have used the zSpace technology-combining Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in their labs. Students of this school are baffled to use this technology for their STEM learning process. They are making full use of this technology to work with human heart.

Various reports that talk about the first-hand experience of using VR and AR in schools and colleges stress upon a common point that, by using these technologies the end beneficiary is not just the student but the school too. These schools are very happy that they are able to contribute their bit towards reforming teaching-learning process and help students find great interest in what they learn.

So are you the next school to introduce these new technologies in the classroom? Why wait longer when you know the positive outcome of utilizing these technologies? We will be happy to hear from you!

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