Digital Transformation Trends in Schools

Digital Transformation Trends in Schools

The digital transformation trends in schools mentioned below are making headlines because of the ways in which they are impacting student learning.

The wave of digitization has taken education by storm and the results are pleasing.

With new technology coming in everyday there are few to be named that are making the impact and transforming the way we perceive education. Educators from all grades have started appreciating the use of technology and have already started making drastic changes to their instruction, assessments, even the physical make-up of their classrooms, and at a much faster rate than expected.

The trends mentioned below are making headlines in education because of the ways in which they are impacting student learning.

Read below to understand what value they are adding to education:

1. Redesigned Learning Spaces

It’s sad to see desk lined up facing the boards keeping students away from the essential skills that they would develop in a classroom activities. The traditional seating hinders students from collaboration and in process takes away the opportunity to develop many important skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and many other. Luckily, the idea of integrating technology has inspired the educators to create collaborative friendly spaces to facilitate learning. The key noticeable changes are the presence of smart boards, hands-on activities for lessons among the students, going on field trips to experience the real life education, virtual field trips and incorporation of various multimedia learning content to create engagement.  The redesigned learning space is laden with integrated technology, which means students aren’t just using these things, but they understand how to use them in order to achieve a specific goal. Moreover, some of these learning spaces aren’t even in the classroom.  

2. Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI in education has proved to be very useful and holds a lot of potential as to make learning teaching a better efficient process. One of the biggest challenges that are faced by the educators in the classroom is to identify and deal with the educational needs of students attending their classes.

This is a problem that is being solved with the integration of artificial Intelligence in the classroom. Machine Learning algorithms, programs that obtain patterns from data and provide insights and suggestions, help teachers to find gaps in their teachings and point to where students are struggling with the subject matter. In other way, it also help the educator in making sure that the students are utilizing their time in classroom to the best by making sure that the learning is actually happening.

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3. AR/VR/ Mixed Reality

AR and VR are the correct examples of transformative technology that significantly enhances the teacher instruction while simultaneously creating immersive lessons that are fun and engaging for the student.  Virtual reality has the capability of bringing the outside world into the classroom and vice versa. And the best part about integration of this technology is that all you need is smart devices which are a part of every classroom nowadays and connectivity to internet. There are many apps that can be used to facilitate students with amazing AR/VR experiences.  

4. Gamification

The use of gamification is on rise especially in primary and preprimary education. The reason remains the increased engagement levels and the efficiency students reflect. The driving force for students while using gamification is the challenges that they have to overcome in order to earn a badge or simply to reach the next level. The gaming technology makes the complex learning subject matter interactive and interesting for students. And the best part is the ease of getting this tech in hand via apps and other web tools that caters to the educational needs with interactive games for one and all.  

Well I see these 4 technologies making a mark in education and transforming it at a fast pace. What is your opinion about it? What according to you is the next phase in the education industry? Which technology is going to hit the industry hard?

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