Using Makerspace to Modernize College Libraries

Using Makerspace to Modernize College Libraries

Students today are spending more time in the libraries.

But doesn't this fact make you think how can a generation which is so driven by internet so hooked to the libraries? 

It is needless to say that technology innovations is practically revolutionizing everything in the modern times. And thankfully because of the maker movements that a trend has studded and led the inventors, students and even entrepreneurs to create new gadgets for educational or industrial purposes.

The present generation strongly backs a mindset which favors practice over theory and tapping this spirit and mindset of students, the Makerschools Higher Education Alliance engages students’ engagement in projects that will help in transcending traditional learning to be flagship quality of emerging maker movement on campus. These campuses are also investing in new spaces, curricula and partnerships to transform libraries into new-age spaces so that it helps in the step of exploration and invention.

With the help of digital revolution, the method by which information is extracted and ultimately used is changing rapidly. For example spaces that were once occupied with printed resource (books and journals) are now becoming digital. So a lot of space is now free which can be used to carry out various approaches to study, research and learning of students and scholars.

In a modern library, set-up of 3D printer to the library is however the preliminary step towards making it a Makerspace. This was something that the Syracuse University had done when they stepped into transforming the public library into a Makerspace. While in many other institutions, attempts are into introducing every modern realms of education from 3D printing to robotics. The large book shelves are fast turning out compact to accommodate digital labs and modern tables to keep sleek computers, digital gadgets and manufacturing tools.

Positive Impact of Transforming Libraries

There is hardly any scope to repudiate the fact that the purpose of libraries can never be undermined. However, as education is witnessing a transition therefore turning libraries into Makerspace is revitalizing libraries and making it a ‘gateway to the future.’ Further, today’s modern library is a source which will promote higher education, DIY workshop, train students in utilizing latest technologies and access various new tech industries. So we find these libraries as a complete package of repository for students and educators to take utmost benefit of it.

The second impact of transforming the library into a modern library is that, it is enhancing the scope of students networking. Younger students are exposed to latest inventions while the older generation who were not exposed to such tech innovations get a chance to apply for training courses to adapt themselves to the new changes. Students are getting a common place to experiment together with all the new technologies, exchange ideas with other DIY enthusiasts and appreciate others work and get appreciated for good effort. Hence both young and old students are getting a chance to experience the new resource environment in a positive way.

Thus, making use of Makerspace to modernize libraries is indeed a good step as it keeps the essence of traditional purposes of library as a center of learning and with it also works as an agent to promote latest technology. It is a place of communication and a place of participation to develop critical skills in students.

Before we finally wrap this piece we would like to end it with a video that shows how Makerspace transformed the library into an innovative, interactive space for the students. Watch the video and once done, please feel free to share your comments or views on the blog.

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