Middle School Apps and Tools One Should Consider

Middle school Apps and Tools One Should Consider

Just as the primary level has a great relevance in building the foundation of students’ academic success, similarly the middle school too is a crucial phase of students in determining their future.

In fact, it is commonly believed that middle school is perhaps the ‘make it or break it’ years of a student. It is a phase when students begin to slowly disengage from school and therefore increasing the likelihood of high school dropout. Considering this important factor, isn’t it important for the educators to come up with solid teaching strategy which will help students not become disengaged from schools?

Various studies have proved that, by engaging students with the content, the absorption of knowledge level rises to a greater level. So the more optimum use of educational tools and technologies are used in the pedagogy, chances of students being on the right track of success increases. But for this, teachers need to first know what all middle school tools and technologies are available in the market.

Take a look at the curated list of 5 educational technology for Middle Years!

1. iTooch Middle School

It is a great learning tool for the teacher, students and parents; having a very good collection of educational activities which are based on the US National Common Core standards on the App Store. The best part of this application is that, the learning solutions available in this tool contain fun and motivational element to it. This is why it is already been used by more than 3, 00,000 students across the world.

This application contains activities in five different areas. In the language section it contains resource that comprise reading, writing and composition, grammar, vocabulary booster and communication. In Math, it contains number and operations, algebraic structures, data analysis, graphs and geometry.

Features of this tool include- virtual blackboard for diagrams and notes, integration with game center, calculator to assist complex math problems, comprehensive chapter summaries, integration with game center, activities based on National Common Core Standards.

2. BrainPOP

Another very useful resource which contains over hundreds of animated videos across disciplines of study. These video resources are accompanied by interactive quizzes, activities and games making it both fun and informative at the same time.

For the teachers managing their class and assigning quizzes for a given topic to check students’ comprehension level gets easier using this tool. The teachers can share the quizzes either by providing the direct link or by sharing an access code for students to input it on the site.

The best thing about this tool is that, kids would love spending hours on this site exploring a plethora of information on many topics which may further be divided into sub categories. Even the games present on the site are clever, creative and one that’s related to learning concepts which was never presented in a game format in the past.

3. Mathalicious

From its very name, one can figure out that this application is a web-based resource for middle and high school math instructors. The lessons are focused on upgrading critical skills of students and aligned to Common State Standards.

Teachers using this tool find it a great resource to support them in teaching mathematics and provide a deeper understanding of the mathematics concepts. The lessons available in this tool are so constructed that it provides challenges which students need to solve by constructing arguments, reasoning and most importantly think critically.

4. Grammaropolis

It is a fantastic tool to learn the nitty gritty of grammar in a way that provides meaning to what they are learning. Because it has been developed by middle school teachers and administrators, therefore the lessons included in this app touch on the detailed concepts of grammar. Students learning grammar with the help of this tool can identify the parts of speech, specific types and relationships that exists between them.

It uses the parts of speech as animated characters starring in books, songs, videos and interactive games. The kids learn about the parts of speech by watching fun music videos meant for each concepts, reading short cartoon-y books and completing quizzes. The tool is aimed at making grammar more engaging, fun and informative at the same place.

5. iSolveit

It is a great tool to learn math’s because it supports on the development of logical thinking and reasoning skills. Both these qualities are essential competencies of algebra and mathematics. Such skills are developed in students by sorting out puzzles available in the tool.

As there are different puzzles presented in the tool, students will slowly be able to develop the ability to generalize.

So which of the tool would you pick up or have we missed out any other essential tool for middle school learners and teachers? Please share your views on it through your comments.

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