How STEM Education Can Bring Students Sky-High


It’s high school graduation!

You’ve spent countless hours studying hard in school, and it’s the right time to leave it all behind…

The question is: what’s next?

You’re about to start a new chapter in your life, so you’d better think about developing skills that will enhance the chances of being employed in the future.

While some school graduates think that they can do without a college degree, around 69.7% of youth enroll in colleges or universities. At this point, matriculates make fateful decisions.

When you’re 16/17/18-year-old, it costs a lot of effort to choose a subject area and understand why you need to hit the books without respite while studying in a college.

How do students choose a major field of study?

When it comes to choosing a major field of study, parents put pressure on their offspring even without knowing that. As they want to help children make the right choice, parents often think about the future as the educational process is a career preparation. However, selecting a major field should be based on personal interest first as it’s an actionable way to keep a student engaged in learning.

The core principles behind finding a perfect career path:

  • The prestige ranking of the field;
  • Career opportunities knowledge gives;
  • Student’s interest in the niche.

Obviously, choosing a major field of study, enrollees play their last card with the hope to succeed. Although many reasons play a role in picking out the field, it’s important to understand what opportunities you can get with obtained knowledge after the graduation, and there is a proof that STEM education can be an appealing option for you.

So, why consider STEM education expedient?

  • It helps to feel valued: 50% of economic growth in the past 50 years was due to advances in technology;
  • It gives propitious career opportunities: 69% of graduate employers say there is a lack of available graduates;
  • It allows you to be better off: 29% more earnings are waiting for STEM workers.

The above-mentioned stats prove that STEM education can bring you sky-high.

While you’re rolling up your sleeves, pay attention to a handy infographic where you can find the career opportunities STEM education gives you, and a list of famous billionaires who approve it.


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