What’s the Buzz About Personalized Learning?

What’s the Buzz About Personalized Learning?

With reform being an integral part of societal eco-system it is imperative to look at how each change introduces a new set of rules, discarding the old mundane practices.

Something of this similar nature is found in the education sector as it has witnessed a shift in the paradigm. Currently the buzz word in the industry is “Personalized learning”.

Understanding the concept

Personalised Learning implies ‘learning that is intended to provide a unique, highly focused learning path for each student. If a student receives individual attention from an instructor, the lessons, feedback, and assessments will necessarily be tailored to that student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Right from its definition, an individual is clear in understanding that this kind of learning is more focused towards personal growth as it is learner centered. The leverage is on the students as they decided their goals and based on it determine what they wish to learn regarding content.

This concept has soon caught enough attention because of its intention. The purpose of this type of learning process is to improve education so that students receive particular kinds of learning experiences, the support they require, and this is catered in the interest of each learner. In this effort, however, the educators are making the maximum use of different kinds of technologies that help them prepare same lessons in different genres and at different complex situations. Few of the most commonly used edtech tools used by educators for the purpose of personalized learning are- canvas, classroom 4 one, chalkable, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

For clarity on the concept, a visual representation of this concept is explained in the video below.

Many in the education sector believe this kind of learning system is perhaps the ideal and therefore there is hardly any scope of second thought. Given the fact that in the traditional compact style of learning, it only encouraged in performing acceptably well on standards curriculum of subjects. It, in turn, would help the individual to seek good jobs in future. However, with the introduction of personalized learning in the classroom, it helps in preparing students to thrive in jobs and perform tasks that one may not even be able to predict using a different kind of knowledge yet to be introduced.

Important Components of Personalized Learning

Associated Learning Experience- to impart such an experience each of the Students areas of interest, individual skills, gaps, strengths, weaknesses, and aspiration is taken into consideration. Such criterions of the learner are analyzed through building relationship, assessing the students and conducting surveys in or outside the classroom. Based on the results of the assessment or survey the learning process is associated to help the learner achieve a better outcome at the end of his learning process.

Encourage Individual Mastery- the students are allowed to design own learning experience and align it in his or her interest. The other idea is to enable the students advance at their pace as per the learning targets.

Analyzing Personal Learning Paths- the educators in personalized learning classroom make use of formative assessments and student feedbacks to assess individual pathways and support them towards graduation. All the Students comments are applied in real time to differentiate course instructions as per the learning goals and unique learning profile of students.

Translucent learning process- this allows both the students and their parents to clear understanding of personalized teaching. Both the students and their parents understand what is required of them to progress and attain mastery. For example aligning contents on digital platforms, the students are not only able to access it anywhere, anytime but with it, they are also learning the ways in which digital technology operates.

Hence, personalized education is helping students and educators work hand in hand ever than before and advance towards bright future. But in all this, thanks to modern day technologies that is helping the teachers stand up to the core motive of personalized.

So what is your take on the buzz about personalized learning?

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