Why EdTech is Taking Off in Indonesia and Philippines?

Why EdTech is Taking Off in Indonesia and Philippines?

Both Philippines and Indonesia are nation having many problems in the education and this is predominantly why edtech is taking off.

As an aid to fill in the gap existing in the education sector - say shortage of qualified educators, shortage of seats in academic institutions and shortage to build skilled workers, the wave is recently going on in Indonesia on internet penetration and it is getting better and better day by day.

A look at who is rejuvenating the Indonesian EdTech Space

The Indonesian market is comparatively very ripe and even in such a scenario, the work of edtech companies like HarakaEdu in the area of online learning in Indonesia is exemplary.

HarakaEdu is one of the Google Accelerated edtech start-ups and by introducing a host of informal online courses as well as certified University program it raised $2.2m.

Another online private tutoring giant in Indonesia- Ruangguru is also planning to secure Series B Funding and is likely to raise over $6 million through its funding round. It had earlier raised a seven digit Series A in December 2015 led by Venture Capital. To strengthen the online education mechanism in this country, Pearson had also invested $2.2 million in Indonesian online education service HarukaEdu.

The guiding force for all these edtech start-ups to innovating edtech ecosystem in Indonesia is mainly targeted towards uplifting the education sector of this nation. Although the start-ups are finding it difficult to come up with a business model typical to Indonesia. However developed nations like Australia will definitely help in formulating workable solutions and push the education sector too.

Predictions are also that Indonesia will also be one of the World’s top buyers of mobile learning products. In order to augment the education sector, adoption of digital technology on large scale is indeed a good step to take forward.

A look at who is rejuvenating the Philippines EdTech Space

Restructuring the Philippines education sector is mainly aimed at uplifting the employable work force. Quite similar to Indonesia the Philippines education market is again ripe. At present efforts are to introduce course based programs. Start-ups such as Edukasyon, klaseko, PhilSmile and few more are addressing to the particular issues with their immersive edtech solutions.

Philsmile for example is paving the path for next generation by creating opportunities for the talented citizens by providing quality education. Again another promising enetity operating in Philippines is Quipper. The aim of this company is to create an indigenous market and this is why they do not only cater quality programs but have Quipper schools functioning. They have a dedicated team of loyal teachers working with them.

To conclude, edtech is taking off at full speed in the South East Asia to bridge the gap and help the countries to develop at par with the developing nation. For the local edtech start-ups, they are placed at an advantageous position as they can better understand the requirements and education realities of their native place. In addition, by working in collaboration with the global edtech players they can get a chance to expand across borders.

Share your thought on the topic discussed and let us know your views on it as a healthy discussion opens up an avenue for further development.

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