Why AI is a Big Piece of Future of Education?

Why AI is a Big Piece of Future of Education?

The digital tools are fast revolutionizing every sphere of lives and in education too it has made its presence for good.

However, the full potential of digital tool in education is yet to be experienced to its fullest capacity. The reason for such is that digital technology has entered in this sector very late and its benefits was lately understood by educators across the world. But now educators across the world are experimenting with different edtech tools to help make learning process worthwhile and not futile in the long run.

So as technology is taking a strong grip in our life, our interactions with AI technology is only increasing. When AI is extended into the classroom, it is helping the teachers build a strong rapport with their learners. No technology or AI can ever take the space of a teachers in a classroom but with its use the teachers can rest their complete attention over students and their individual learning needs.

 The role of AI would be to only assist the teachers and take care of the technicalities in the classroom. The other benefits of AI in classroom is mentioned below-

Helps the way teachers teach – AI can actually assist the teachers in evaluating the performance of the students. For a teacher to teach well, it is important to stay aware of how their students are performing and here is where AI effectively manages to track the progress f each student and provides insight of each students’ progress report.

Also, AI can help teachers in evaluating their test papers and allow teachers to focus more of their time on strategizing their learning lessons.

Amends the way students learn – For the students learning is more often frustrating than a pleasure. In order to arouse interest of the students, it is important to help them understand concepts. Here is where AI can be of great help to these students as they would intervene in their learning process and provide a feedback and watch for signs of confusion. For students of higher education, the students can actually find and analyze the data of their research topic. So students can work out on their areas of confusion and understand the concepts better.

After discussing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, now let’s evaluate its futuristic prospects in education. Well, the prospect of Ai in education is undoubtedly bright but till teachers and the students are adequately taught about on its prospects, it is actually difficult to accept it fully in the education sector.  

AI meant for education is still in its developing stage and a lot needs to be worked upon it to embed an improvised applications and program. The best part of this technology is that it is not just limited to higher education but it covers to K-12 segment as well. Schools and institutions across the world are continually getting connected beyond network. So with this into consideration, AI can definitely play a vital role to bridge connections beyond borders.

So what is your take on this topic, do let us know your views on this topic with your comments. 


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