Most Demanded Skills and Jobs for 2018

Most Demanded Skills and Jobs for 2018

In the past we spoke on how technology is not the only skill you need and why other skills need your attention; titled, “Only Tech Skills Aren’t Enough - Students Must Possess These Core Skills For The Future Of Work”.

It seems that with the advent of technology the way people are thinking about their careers and define success has changed significantly. The rise of technology does play a key role here. Every industry has created more jobs now and associated skills have been redefined which are much more than just the awareness and knowledge of ever changing technology.

Based on the jobs in demand, hiring & recruiting activity and after analyzing data in billions, every year LinkedIn identifies the most promising jobs and In-demand skills, plus a few stand-out trends, to help the seekers get there.

For 2018, the data is as follows:

Soft Skills That Are A Must

Leadership, Communication, Collaboration and Time Management.

These 4 skills are the core for any job or business one lands into. One needs to have exceptional communication skills in order to convey the right information and make the right use of words in a wise manner to fulfill the purpose of that communication. Collaboration is the backbone for any project to do wonders. Unless it is a one man job, collaboration is one needed skill for most projects. Big projects need more people and so collaboration is essential and people need to be okay with all that take to collaborate. Time management is on top of the list for one to do multiple things at one time and complete things on time and all these skills along with a few more is what makes a good leader. And a leader is the one that takes charge of all things and make sure that everyone is being able to do what they are supposed to in their wellbeing along with more to look forward to.  

Hard Skills People Are Looking For

1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

3. Middleware and Integration Software

4. Web Architecture and Development Framework

5. User Interface Design

6. Software Revision Control Systems

7. Data Presentation

8. SEO/SEM Marketing

9. Mobile Development

10. Network and Information Security

Trends You Can’t Skip

1. Technology Is A Part Of The Success And Not Success In Itself

Leaders across the globe who are producing jobs for the millennials says that despite the prominence of technology it is not the only thing that is there. Managerial skills and such other soft skills will remain as much needed as they were and there is no replacement for that. The proof is in the data: LinkedIn surveyed 2,000 business leaders who told us the soft skills most in-demand are leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management. In fact, 57% of them said these soft skills are more important than hard skills.

2. Customer Is The king

There can never be any discussion on this statement. This is it. Customer will always be the king and so customer success, marketing, and sales-related jobs are growing quickly. Reaching potential customers and ensuring current customers are successful with your product are both critical for business success.

3. Technology Is Here To Stay

For those who believe forever is an illusion; well, not for Technology. It is here to stay, FOREVER. Year-over-year technology jobs and skills have dominated these lists, and that’s a trend which will expand in the coming years. All jobs are likely going to require some technical skills in the future, so make sure to brush up on the basics.

And finally… Following Are The Jobs That’d be In Demand For 2018

1. Engagement Lead

2. Software Engineering Manager

3. Customer Success Manager

4. Solution Architect

5. Sales Director

6. Engineering Manager

7. Program Manager                                                                                                                              

8. Product Manager

9. Data Scientist

10. Enterprise Account Manager

This information is from the LinkedIn blog. Being the biggest corporate network, this is something the industry looks forward to every year and the final result comes out after analyzing a lot of data, trends and experts’ advice.

Check out the complete post here and make sure you share your opinion on the same in the comment section below.  

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