Augmented Reality in Education: How AR is Improving Learning

Augmented Reality in Education: How AR is Improving Learning

New age technology like AR (Augmented Reality) is gaining popularity making learning fun.

This sparks interest in children freeing them from the confines of school desks and encouraging assimilation of knowledge faster through experiencing it firsthand via active participation.

AR combines the real world with technology to create a layer of digital over the physical, letting children take a virtual peek into the animal kingdom or the mysterious world of insects and birds through 3D visualisation and interactive games. Children learn at an even deeper level when they are allowed to transform content they're learning into creations and interactions. Instead of reading about the animal kingdom, children can watch them interact before their eyes. Whatever it is, Augmented Reality in education can change a lesson from teaching and learning to experiencing.

AR tools can guide children through learning process in enhanced way, as AR can upgrade traditional books with a digital layer. It will improve both, teaching and learning experience, and bring interactive dimension into the whole picture. We also predict that this new layer will encompass several senses which could speed up memorization process.

Augmented Reality Tools for Teaching

There are so many ways to use Augmented Reality in education effectively, and the list of examples is endless.

AR Flashcards - AR Flashcards combines augmented reality with flashcards to help visual learners really grasp what each card represents. Using an AR app, pictures on the flash cards come to life. Basically you point your phone/tab’s camera at the flash card which contains the image that the app recognises, and it will generate a 3D animation or video superimposed over whatever is on your camera’s screen. This literally brings the image to life on screen. When it happens not just kids but also adults happen to react in awe of what they have just seen. It’s like magic to them.

Flash cards are a very basic yet quite an effective media for your child to experience Augmented Reality, Learn & Comprehend subject matter in an immersive & engaging environment


Augmented Reality will have the greatest impact on education as it enhances the ability of children to remember what they’ve learned – and lead to faster acquisition of information and skill. Learning till now was greatly dependent upon creativity and imagination. Most of the classroom curriculum is theoretical and for children understand and appreciate what’s being taught, they actually need to picture it in their minds. This is great; as it helps them be more creative. But armed with visual enhancement, Augmented Reality may propel young generation to promising future as it does not impede this growth but accelerates it as it enriches enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos, overlaying in real-time the camera view of smartphones, tablets, PCs or others digital devices. With this, kids don’t need to picture in their heads what things in real life might be like but can actually ‘see and feel’ them. This takes imagination and creativity to a whole new level as now the augmented reality is the base on which they will build their imaginative castles.

Introduce Your Child To AR

A great way to introduce Augmented Reality at an early age is through flash cards. Rather than just showing kids pictures of animals, objects and other things we can now show them how they look in real life, clubbed with sounds and motion. This not only helps captivate their attention but they also start picturing how those animals/objects would interact with other things/beings in real life because now they have a ‘real-world’ gauge.

The result would be motivated children and more interactive and faster learning. AR technology helps concentration as the learning materials becomes more interesting and engaging. In other words, AR technology in education increases student engagement and motivation, enables learners to use their imagination, and encourages them to be curious. Imagination and curiosity being the building blocks of innovation, they are especially important to keep alive in each and every student, so we all can have a future to look forward to.

Augmented Reality Apps and products are the future, and the future is here. Let us have a look at some of the best Augmented Reality products currently on the market. One can gift card which you can actually give to someone you love which offers surprise content to keep the engagement going.

About the Author
Author: Yuvraj Krishan Sharma
Yuvraj Krishan Sharma is the Co-founder & Director of KOMPANIONS – an innovative Ed-Tech-Sci organization with a vision to re-visualize education and to make the learning processes fun, easy and impactful.His chief responsibilities entail looking after Product Design, Marketing, Technology and Content Design. His extensive skillset includes – Business Strategy & Customer Acquisition, Branding, Instructional Design, and Internet Marketing. A graduate in B.Tech – Electronics & Communication from C.I.E.T, Chandigarh, Yuvraj was chosen by the CII to attend their Young Indians (Yi) program on communication in IIM Ahmedabad (2007-08) during his final year of graduation. Subsequently, he began his professional journey in the field of Marketing with organizations like Noesis Infoway, and Career Launcher.

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