Ed-Tech Trends to Gear Up in 2018

Best Ed-Tech Trends to Gear Up in 2018

The education industry combined with technology is a dynamic force.

It has set some fierce trends and challenges that indicate its expansion in the current times. EdTech is considered to be one of the fastest emerging industries, and billions of money have been invested in it.

EdTech is forever evolving as it manages to give people experience and information that they require. However, blending the new educational technology trends can be a bit cumbersome mainly because of the sheer number of unique ideas available in the market.

Keeping this in mind, some trends are creating a positive impact and change in the educational industry. These are mainly focused on helping students learn faster and make the learning process easier with exceptional new methods. Let's take a look at some of the EdTech trends to gear up in 2018.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is the most influential trend when it comes to Education technology. Virtual reality is generally used for entertainment purposes. However, it has slowly but steadily laid the foundation for the education business as well. It offers a visual component that gives the viewer a fun and interactive learning session. Being able to view content rather than just reading it brings in a new perspective in the realm of education.

Augmented reality is a technology used to showcase an enhanced narrative of reality. The components of the environment are augmented with digital educational experiences. Both AR/VR technologies help students train and interact with digital media to bolster their learning. Alchemy VR is one such organisation that is creating waves on the virtual-reality educational platform. It has partnered with companies such as Google Expeditions, Samsung, HTC etc.

The Consumption of Smartphones by the Millenials

Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone which they use to view content. The inclination to use a smartphone heavily impacts the EdTech business. Several applications help one learn things on the go, without any fuss of papers. The power to indulge in such educational apps at the tap of your fingertips is a positive change. It is easy to select and control the content you want to learn in particular making a smartphone one of the best EdTech trends. DuoLingo is one such mobile application wherein you can learn many different languages easily.

Wi-Fi Technology

The consumption of Wi-Fi technology has witnessed significant progress in a world that is fixated with development in technology. It is a tool for teaching at a mass scale such as education centres and schools. A good Wi-Fi network is a crucial element to witness modern learning platforms by connecting students to excellent technology which can be accessed through mobile applications. One such application is NeuroNation which focuses on brain training.

Growth Of Online Educational Websites

Several educational websites target the online market which is a great way to interact with the interested audience. It is an easy way for people to consume content which is readily available without any hassle. The best part about educational websites is that it can be viewed at any time anywhere. Combine this with the enormous number of ideas and expertise that one can explore online makes it one the most crucial EdTech trends of 2018.

Creating Your Own High-Quality Content

Good quality content plays a significant role in the new trends of EdTech industry. The credibility of contents available on the technical websites and devices has brought a lateral shift in the world of education. Now, creating your own high-quality content encourages learners to express their ideas on a global path and help boost their creativity. It is a great way to instil growth in young minds so that they can invent new and better ideas. It also allows students to pursue their dreams and do something constructive with their time. YouTube is a great example wherein people can create videos and stream them online for themselves and other people. It is also an amazing source of income because once the video reaches a certain views, you’ll get paid for it.

Online Evaluation

Online evaluation is a fresh take on the EdTech industry as it offers detailed dashboards to evaluate your performance based on the tests you take. The option to compare your progress from your previous assessments comes handy while preparing for future examinations. You can take the online test anytime through audio/video combination. You can check out the Current Affairs & Daily General Knowledge Quiz application where you can test and improve your knowledge.

People have expanded their vision beyond the traditional form of education making way for technology as a special part of its learning. EdTech comes with its share of pros and cons where it is vulnerable to the ever-changing technology and the mindset of the people. They need to realize that adding technology is only going to affect them positively in the long run. Finally, the society is now focused on proliferating through EdTech, and these trends can provide excellent results.

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Author: Anish Passi
Anish Passi, Director at Neostencil. Neostencil is a unique platform for Test Preparation where you can access live classrooms of the best teachers in India, from the comfort of your home. It offers you expert guidance for Civil Services exams, from doyens in this field, top teachers from popular IAS coaching institutes in Delhi, who have had years of experience in successfully mentoring the candidates to develop a holistic approach to their preparation for the exams.

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