How Top Teachers Are Leveraging Technology To Impact A Million Lives

How Top Teachers Are Leveraging Technology To Impact A Million Lives

Online learning is changing the education landscape across the world.

This is especially true when it comes to the competitive exam segment in India, as thousands of candidates are unable to get proper mentorship without relocating to the major coaching hubs. Thousands of dreams are crushed every year as those aspirants are unable to bear the monetary and the opportunity cost of relocation. This is where online learning platforms like Byju’s, Unacademy and NeoStencil step in.

Learning online, especially, through the live streaming of ongoing classes makes sure that the students get a high-quality, current learning experience – identical to what they’d get if they went to the classroom. This enables the aspirant to access best courses by best teachers on one platform without the need of relocating to major coaching hubs.

While the benefit to students is clear, it is also the teachers who benefit hugely from online platforms. The traditional teaching methodology typically provided three options to a teacher. One, to teach a limited number of students in physical classrooms. Two, fly down to other cities for a few days to teach the students. Three, to teach students via satellite technology (V-SAT).

The first two options meant that the teachers could only teach a limited number of students despite spending huge energy and resources by travelling to other cities. Meanwhile, teaching via V-SAT was still not an effective alternative as students had to visit various centres to access the classes via video conferencing of sorts.

Online learning has changed this massively. Instead of teaching a few thousand students in the offline classrooms, teachers can now impact many more lives online without doing anything extra on their end. They only have to do what they do the best - Teach! Meanwhile, platforms like NeoStencil ensure that their reach is increased manifolds and touches even the remotest corners of the country.

This is precisely the reason why many renowned teachers are now opting to teach via online platforms. These teachers have sufficiently long teaching experience in their segment and produce more than 50% selections year on year.

Consider this example. In the recently announced CSE-2017 result, NeoStencil, an ed-tech startup, along with its partner teachers gave 500+ overall selections out of 990. This clearly reflects the fact that when the best teachers and best courses are coupled with technology, the result is bound to be stellar.

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Author: Anish Passi
Anish Passi, Director at Neostencil. Neostencil is a unique platform for Test Preparation where you can access live classrooms of the best teachers in India, from the comfort of your home. It offers you expert guidance for Civil Services exams, from doyens in this field, top teachers from popular IAS coaching institutes in Delhi, who have had years of experience in successfully mentoring the candidates to develop a holistic approach to their preparation for the exams.

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