Using AR & VR to Kick Off Innovation in Students Learning Experience

There is no doubt that emerging technologies in the classroom keep learning relevant and meaningful.

What’s notable about these technologies, is that, they are considered a supplement to classroom instruction and complement teaching by enhancing differentiation and engagement. They are considered as a great agent to enhance teaching and enable active learning.

They provide a dedicated space to individuals to engage faculty and students with the technology and encourage exploration of possibilities that bring about new opportunities in both ways, i.e. teaching and learning.

However, with so many edtech tools available at one’s disposal at the moment, it is indeed difficult for schools to figure out where they can start. And, if you find yourself in this place, don’t despair. We are here to help you stay ahead of the pack by bringing in two strikingly crafted emerging technologies that will help schools/teachers to kick-start VR and AR projects in the classroom. After using these tools, the one thing that is guaranteed that you will witness is- opening up of many options for the classroom. With such good reviews from the users, these two tools are worth usable tools to boost students’ engagement level and help them interact with these two tool quickly.

We are talking of CoSpacesEDU and Metaverse, which are amazingly developed AR and VR tools which make learning in the classroom immersive for the students. These new web based AR and VR tools are a perfect tool to be used for Chromebooks. These two tools does not require any app downloads and are capable of using browsers on devices, even older ones. So let’s begin talking on these tools and what all possibilities it creates in the expanse of teaching and learning.

VR Creation & Learning with CoSpaces


To begin with, CoSpaces Edu is an intuitive educational technology that is designed for the teachers and schools to empower their students to become creators and prepare them for the future. To know, how you can get CoSpaces Edu, click here.

CoSpaces is powerful tool and the moment you roll up your sleeves to plunge into what the tool is all about, you will realize it within minutes. From including 360 degree images to the VR space to getting on with the basics of coding and how to activate objects to make them interactive, the tool has everything to offer users and make their experience immersive.

It is also a tool that’s packed with amazing ideas as to how one can make interesting VR creations for education, including VR for language learning, art exhibits, science models, literature expression, history lessons and more. So, it’s just the students who would thoroughly enjoy working on VR projects but the teachers too would be greatly beneficial in assigning different kinds of topics that gives scope of exploration to the students.

The best thing about this tool is that, it is browser-friendly and allows one to create and build a VR world as simply as dragging and dropping 3D objects into the VR space. In fact, advanced students can animate characters and other 3D assets using options like Blockly and Javascript.

All the resources can be used on a Chromebook, laptop or mobile devices to allow students to easily design and then share a VR world. Others can view the VR world by typing in the shortened link from any device. In addition, there is also an option to experience the immersive VR space inside a headset.

Creating AR Experience in Metaverse


Coming to Metaverse, you will find another very amazing thing and perhaps the easiest way by which teachers can teach students create augmented reality experiences right in the classroom. And the best part is, in order to use this tool, one does not need to play any master logic or apply ace programming skills.

Here, one is free to create customized augmented reality interactive experiences by using the Metaverse Studio. Students can build the experience in the storyboard and add various components to their creation such like- polls, leaderboard, AR and VR portals and more. The creation options are limitless for classroom applications to include activities such as breakouts, scavenger hunts, trivia games, interactive stories and the list goes endless.

Here whatever augmented reality experience, you built are all online with the help of Chromebook, PC or Mac and can be even viewed on a mobile device. To begin working, all that’s required from a teacher is to apply a free account and select the option- “create experience.” And as per the needs of the classroom, you can jolly well add different components.

In order, to share one’s experiences, a simple QR code or shorten links is all that does the trick and others can refer your experience inside the Metaverse application. In order, start creating an Augmented Reality App with Metaverse studio, click here.

So, experimenting with new and good rated tools is absolutely imperative to shift teaching and learning for our students’ global success. But, what is more important is that fact that, you as a teacher or institution is responsible to empower students for help. Best of all, enjoy teaching, learning with and learn from these tender minds so that these students are able to share their skills to bring about a positive change in the classroom, peer relationship and collaboration.

VR and AR has already made its way smoothly in enterprise operation, and perhaps if prediction goes right, it will be an integral part of modern life. So as teachers, are you ready to understand the urgency of providing such opportunities to your learners? Remember you need to shoulder this important responsibility and start the engine to build future ready students.

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