Must Watch Videos on Assistive Technologies in Classroom

Must Watch Videos on Assistive Technologies in Classroom

While technology in classroom has been able to add stars to learning, for students with special needs it has proven to be of great help!

Commonly known as assistive technology, there are various equipment, tools and other sort of technological devices especially designed to help students with different and special needs.

In parallel to these devices, there are various apps and web based tools as well that are great for students with special needs.

The videos below will give you a look into the outcomes when students with special needs integrate technology for their education:

5. Assistive Technology in Action - Meet Mason

Meet Mason, a young boy with vision loss who, with the help of Assistive Tech, is able to learn reading and writing in the same classroom as his sighted peers.

4. Communication Device" Real Look Autism

Watch out how assistive communication technology is helping a nonverbal, 7-year old boy "talk".

3. Student with Dyslexia Blossoms with Assistive Technology

A student with dyslexia struggled to read and was always dependent. With help of assistive technology, he gained independence and is now thriving as a student.

2. Assistive Technology in Action - Meet Elle

In this video a young woman with cerebral palsy who, with the help of Assistive Technology, is able to communicate with family, friends, and teachers.

1. Assistive Technology for Special Needs Students in K-12

This is a really nice video that shows how assistive technology can help special needs students.

Also, you can find more such videos on this dedicated YouTube channel, pacercenter.

Share your experience with students of special needs. What do you feel about the use of assistive technology for these students?

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