Go Digital! Go Paperless! Transform School Processes With SchoolSkies

Go Digital! Go Paperless! Transform School Processes With SchoolSkies

In India, the digital infrastructure is fast coming to life and has helped the education industry take a redefined path towards excellence.

Thanks to the rapid growth of edtech innovations, schools take the smart digital route to make quality the milestone for enhancing learning, teaching, and school management. In this significant growth period native school management solutions like SchoolSkies help schools accelerate their processes to match the pace of this digital revolution.

All the way from admissions, fee management, homework, assignments, notes, online leave applications, communication with parents,branding to creation of school website, this intuitive cloud-based school management platform with its 30+ modules has helped over 50+ schools (like DAV Group of Schools, Jindal Group of Schools, Bhavans Rajaji Vidyaashram, Spartan Group of Schools and many more) go paperless, save money, time, and effort.

This unique platform is an excellent example of a product with the vision to solve a school’s academic as well as management pain-points.


SchoolSkies packs a wide range of tools that a school needs on a daily basis. These tools constitute the “SchoolSkies School Management Suite” which runs on the cloud to offer on-demand services keeping in mind the work efficiency, accessibility and ease of use. The suite can easily support an entire chain of schools with a single backend.

You can have a look at all the apps/modules here. Here are a few worth mentioning when talking about efficient school/school-chain management:

1. The school portal management module offers schools a fully customizable & configurable desktop and mobile-friendly website builder and manager. It packs an easy to use CMS at the backend that helps any designated school representative to create, update and manage the school website without knowing web-development languages/coding. The CMS allows them to post updates, notices, important announcements or notifications related to events & activities on the school website.

Using this CMS, adding/editing/removing pages, event photos, videos, notices, circulars and even admission openings to the school website is a piece of cake. The portal module can also manage an entire chain of schools and their fully responsive-mobile friendly websites right from a single backend. The entire chain gets a single landing page (see Jindal Group of Schools website) showing brand strength. The module helps schools connect with the world, ensures one-stop web presence & access to valuable information/resources. Such centralized approach leads to improved SEO and admission.

2. The Fee Management Module assists schools to create fee structures while complying with the guidelines of the governing body (CBSE/ICSE/IB boards). This module integrates with the student management module to interact with the students, student groups, etc. and also with the portal module to collect fee online.

Schools can create groups and categories of students and configure a wide range of fee items, for which the system will automatically calculate fee for the entire school based on the groups/categories.

Schools can create discounts on fee, offer scholarships, create fines, late fee and more. These discounts and fines get automatically applied to the students of a certain group/category as applicable. The system further sends automated notifications to the parents about the fee amount, payment dates and options.

The fee module comes with a built-in payment gateway that only needs minor configuration and linking to the bank account to offer flexible payment options (both offline & online). With this basic setup, schools can start collecting fee online from day one, issue payment receipts and track transactions and funds in real time. This saves a lot of time and money for both the school and especially the parents as they can conveniently pay fee online, download payment receipts instantly and receive alerts on fee payment schedules through SMS.

This automation eliminates human errors and manhandling of fee. Schools can extract reports related to fee payments instantly to view and track fee status of a single student, entire school or school group from a single online panel.

SchoolSkies makes the fee process much more transparent and speedy - helping schools easily process and issue payment receipts.

Learn how the fee module works.

3. To manage the massive user base and transactional data, the Security, Safety & Scalability aspects need to be up to date with the latest standard. This is where the cloud-based design proves its value.

The multitenant architecture allows for the system to handle as many students, teachers and schools as you want from a single account. Many Groups of Schools using SchoolSkies enjoy the centralized control of all the tools/apps/modules to manage their schools. This architecture also keeps the cost of ownership very low.


The SchoolSkies Suite runs on the latest standards of SSL and comes with 256-bit HTTPS encryption to ensure all communications and data travels over the highest security level of client-server communication. Further, the entire school data is stored over an industry grade secure server with backups to ensure data protection, integrity, and data loss prevention.

Lastly, schools need not worry about the costs of software updates, server maintenance, hardware updates, network security, backups, backup storages and costs, redundancy and all the jazz that comes with an Industry Grade application. All of these costs are covered and handled by SchoolSkies under your licence cost so that you as a school leader can focus better on managing your school, facilitating your teachers and helping students learn better.

4. The robust and stellar Online Admission Module supports schools to go for seamless paperless admissions using the aforementioned integrated School Website and Payment gateway. This module assists the school leaders to amplify the school admission visibility and helps parents apply as per convenience without having to run and wait in long queues. It helps schools in increasing revenue through the admission process(read in more detail here).

See DAV Group of School using our Admission Module.

5. The Parent Communication Module is yet another distinctive aspect of the platform. SchoolSkies is a partner of “WeChat”, a free communication mobile app & thus, the communication system of the platform allows teachers and schools to connect easily with parents to pass on (unlimited) important information from anywhere and at any time at no added cost for schools or parents.

This communication app integrates with all the modules at the core of the system and offers communication at every step. Right from the admissions process and going all way to sending homework related or exam related alerts; the communication app is there to assist you so that you don’t miss sending important information at the right time.

This module keeps schools connected with parents and boosts the confidence and trust amongst parents.

The five modules mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. All the modules in totality make the SchoolSkies App Suite a 360o solution for schools to handle all their management, admissions, fee & academic needs.


Final Verdict

Needless to say, SchoolSkies is a favourable solution for all schools in the digital age as the role of digital transformation in school management is imperative. The multifunctional benefits guaranteed with this solution, from admission, fee payment, homework, assignment, note, online leave application, communication with parents, issuance of bonafide certificate/transfer certificate will help Schools stand strong in the global competition.

SchoolSkies’ achievements clearly show the success and acceptance of the platform. Schools which have adopted this platform found a dramatic shift in school management processes and the testimonials aptly reflect this. Through the integrated payment gateway, there have been more than Rs. 200 crores in fee transaction in just 2 years. In addition, the Admission Module has processed more than 50,000 applications.

Give SchoolSkies a try and enjoy the benefits that come with this highly modular, customizable, robust and secure platform. SchoolSkies is a proud Microsoft partner and is licenced to offer Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP), Microsoft Applications, Office for Education, O365 (Office 365) and many other products, services and licences to your institution.

For a quick recap watch the explainer video of SchoolSkies and request a demo.

Request a call back from the SchoolSkies team.

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