Upcoming Trends That Will Shape The Future of Education for Children

Upcoming Trends That Will Shape The Future of Education for Children

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. It has influenced every sector, and education is no exception.

By 2025, 1/3rd of the global population is going to be made up by the youngest generation: Generation Alpha, also known as the iGeneration. Generation Alpha is considered to be the children born between 2010 and 2025. This will be the first generation entirely born in the 21st century. These children are considered to be the most technologically savvy demographic till date.

Thus there are going to be massive changes in technology and trends that are likely to shape the lives of this generation especially when it comes to their education. Here’s taking a looking at some ground-breaking trends that will help shape the future of education and in turn the future of children in the coming years:

Ed tech platforms

In the whole bid to help shape the future of education for children, new age EdTech platforms are contributing in many ways. With online tutoring picking up rapid pace, there are unique digital platforms that help students connect with the right tutors. It provides students with the option of taking classes anytime, anywhere through its Online and Offline Class option. It also aids in personalizing the learning experience through a total customization of the mode, time and place of learning. It offers students complete control over their pace of learning.

Classroom of the future

Education is no more tethered to classrooms. Students have diverse opportunities to learn through various e-learning tools that offer more opportunities for remote, self-paced practical learning. Students will be able to move seamlessly from a traditional to a global virtual classroom. While it’s already happening, soon, it will be common to see children learn the theoretical concepts in classrooms while the practical knowledge will be taught using technology.


The students from Generation Alpha are going to benefit in a huge way from the emerging technology and innovations. Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR), robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already changing education.The beauty of trends like VR in education is that in 10 minutes, it provides an experience of a subject that a textbook cannot. These technologies can enhance the understanding of course material so that students can easily and quickly grasp concepts.

Customized learning

E-learning tools are helping develop personalized learning paths for children as per their abilities. As technology continues to permeate education, the concept of personalized learning is gaining traction. Personalized learning involves using technology to give students more control over their education experience. Children get to choose the time, place, path, and pace of his or her learning.

Wider choice

In the coming years, students will get a chance to make the most of advanced technology. They will be able to modify their learning process with tools of their own choice. There will be different devices, different programs and techniques. Trends like Blended learning, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are all set to help children shape their future in a big way.

Future proofing

Today, the freelance sector has come up in a big way. People are no more restricted to working from offices and some prefer working from the convenience of their homes, coffee shops or co-working spaces. To make today’s children future ready for these changes, there is already focus on adapting to project-based learning and working. They are now learning to apply their skills in shorter terms to a variety of situations.

In the coming years, children are likely to see more of anytime, anywhere education. With the massive reach of the Internet and the ubiquity of smart devices, there are going to be so many tools to help children in their academic life. It is up to teachers, tutors, facilitators and parents to make the most of the opportunities provided by technology to change education so that effective and efficient education is available to every child everywhere.

About the Author
Author: Minal Anand
Minal Anand is a young enthusiastic millennial entrepreneur and the founder of her first venture, GuruQ, a unique digital integrated platform that connects tutors and students with ease. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer she is the innovator at GuruQ, an ed-tech platform that promises to bring high quality standards and new age methodologies to the way education is delivered in India.

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